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Have you ever had a CRUSH on a teacher?

Asked by j0ey (2424points) March 20th, 2010

What is your story?

What made them so enticing?

Even if it was years and years and years ago (and you were prepubescent at the time)...would you go there now, given the chance?

AND if you are a teacher, how do you deal with a students obvious attraction to you?

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Oh yes. I was just thinking this morning about my history teacher in college who was also my adviser. I had a “crush” on him but he was also a wonderful supportive friend who helped me through some rough times. I don’t think I ever did anything inappopriate and neither did he; he was just a warm anchor in a rough sea.

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Last year. On my literature teacher. She was fresh out of grad school and she really could have gone for modelling. Still see her from time to time in class reunions

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I had a crush on one of the Sport’s teachers:D But not anymore

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English teacher I was 13.During one lesson I got a glimpse of her bra through a strategically unbuttoned peep hole in her blouse.I had a good hard think about that when I got home.Ahh those sticky fumblings.

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@ucme hahahaha your answers always make me laugh

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I had a crush on my fifth grade teacher…I was his pet. I wrote him a letter at the end of the year telling him how much of a difference he had made in my life…

He read it out at my graduation ceremony in senior (he didnt say who wrote it)...omg i bawled and bawled…and I was too shy to go up after and say anything because I am a fool.

If I ran into him today, I think I would still have a crush on him hahaha….isnt that sad…

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Yes! of course. There was one, he was devastatingly handsome and taught history, sometimes whilst laying across two desks and his hands behind his head. (Sigh!).

Then there was this other one, he had the oddest name, something like Querripal. I cant remember now or even spell it. He was deeply sensitive and dark and was also the school counsellor. I was very into Ayn Rand, Poetry and Art at the time, He was perfect for my fantasies. But all the guys called him “queerballs” instead of his name Querripal. School boys have “no idea”!

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@Just_Justine LOL they should have been taking notes on his darkness and sensitivity instead of mocking his exotic name…...maybe girls crush on their teachers because boys their own age are douche bags.

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Yes. Mr M during my sophomore year. Hoo, yes, indeedy. He was hoooot! He was a math teacher and the soccer coach. Go ahead. Imagine his body.

And he was 24, from Dublin. Just about every girl at our school, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, it didn’t matter; they all had the hots for this one. Many of the teachers fancied him as well. I was on the soccer team, so I saw him every day. He was very sweet. A little shy. Many were the times I’d look at him while just standing on the pitch during practice and wish fervently that I was 18 or 20 instead of 15. I transferred out at the end of the year to another school, he went home to Dublin and I never saw him again.

I ran into my dirty old man biology teacher from freshman year, Mr P, on the street one day shortly before I went off to uni. He tried to chat me up after checking that I was 18. :/ I stood there thinking, “Why isn’t this Mr M?”

Oh, James. ::sigh:: Call me!

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@aprilsimnel hahahaha I wonder if he was aware of all that attention….he would have to be!

One of my friends recently started PE teaching….he had girls add him on facebook, and flirt with him….NOT COOL.

and im sure he was wishing you were 18 or 20 too

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Oh man, it’d be easier for me to list teachers I DIDN’T have a crush on. hahaha. And if you ask my mother, she’ll tell you my first true love was my 8th grade history teacher. (She’s such a fuck-up mom, but I so appreciate that she takes young people’s feelings seriously and doesn’t write it off as puppy love.)

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Yes, I wanted my 3rd grade teacher badly. ;-)

Did not know what to do with her, but “wanted” her.

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No, not really. We did have a very sexy gym teacher (when we were 15 and she was 22), but I wouldn’t call it a crush. Having worked as a teacher, most of my students had a crush on me, but I don’t really see why. I guess girls get turned on by the whole power balance thing. I certainly don’t encourage it, and pretend not to notice when it happens.

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This really really fit gym teacher I had. I recall telling someone that I would tap her harder than Eddie Van Halen on his guitar.

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I had a crush on one of my female teachers in secondary school. I’m not sure what I saw in her to be honest as I wouldn’t go there now. I pretended that I didn’t like her at school as my friends seemed to dislike her but secretly I thought she was lovely.

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I had the biggest crush on my 5th grade teacher. He was so hot.
The day he announced to the class that he was getting married, my heart shattered.
Along with the hearts of all the other girls in my class.

Oh Mr. L….what a heartbreaker you are…

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I had a small crush on my 8th grade teacher. He was young, good-looking, super smart, and he really liked me. He’ll always go down as one of my favorite teachers of all time. I never had a big crush on a teacher, though.

My math teacher in 9th and 10th grade, though, it seemed like she had a crush on me. She would actually brag about me to her other classes (about me being organized and my neat handwriting and stuff like that). The funny part is that she was young and blond and the ultimate “TILF” that all the guys talked about at my school.

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In college, several times. They were grad students teaching classes and I was a freshman. One’s name was Ms. Medley and the other I forget but she was a religion teacher with a tongue ring and a body that would not quit.

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Everyone in my 7th grade class had a crush on Miss Beals, the history teacher, who had just graduated from college herself. She was calm, preppy/elegant, humorous, serious, and kind.
She left after that year and went to teach in a girls’ boarding school two states away, nearer her family. I begged begged begged begged begged begged begged my parents to sent me to that school. No. They didn’t know I was in love. Or maybe they did.

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I have never considered myself gay and other than the female choir director in our church, I’ve never had a crush on a teacher. She was an evangelist that had settled in our church when she started a family and couldn’t travel anymore. I adored her. She was everything I wanted to be, passionate, dedicated, spiritual and larger than life. The attraction I felt for her was every bit as strong as my first crush on a boy. I was thrilled with any attention she paid me. She was a big influence in my life.

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No, the reverse. It was in college.

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hell yes i did and i ended up marrying him. but now we’re divorced :) it’s bad to get consumed with an ideal that someone represents which roles models etc don’t typically get fair objectivity. In fact, they get placed on such a high pedestal sometimes that you can’t see what you’ve gotten yourself into until they are falling off of it from full speed and you’re the object that will break your fall.

the sex is great though.

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In high school, my English professor, was pretty young and had just joined the school. I think all the girls in my class had a “crush” on him. He was nice, friendly, and cute. You know.. I wonder how he’s doing. An alike thing is happening to my daughter, except he isn’t her teacher.. yet. He just joined, and he’s her soon-to-be chemistry teacher. I’ve heard that when he explains something to his students, (since my daughters go to an all girls school), he puts his arm around her. Hmmm. I wonder why he’s a chemistry teacher. ;)

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You mean Miss Enzor…who sat on the edge of her desk and crossed her legs and let her skirt ride up? Great legs too..:)

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I did. It was the sub I had for most of my eighth grade year. He subbed my Algebra class for over 3 months then he moved on and about a month after he was my permanent sub for my Lit and Lang class. He was so sweet and kind, very intelligent and had a great sense of humor.

I was so smitten I couldn’t look him in the face when he talked to me without blushing. And I think he knew it too. I still can’t get him out of my head.

Curse you Mr. L. Dx

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I have one now on a professor I had last year, who’s a bit younger than me…

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