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the screen on my iphone cracked and I don't have 245 dollars to replace it..suggestions???

Asked by jkainz (115points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I need to figure out some sort of way to get this replaced. Without shelling out the dough.

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I talked to at&t yesterday actually because my little sister broke her phone. It still works and everything, they told me that the I will probably kick in the end of the year so if you can wait that long you can get a new one for the $50–100.

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duct tape it back on

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Apple’s hardware coverage lasts a year. You have to take it to an Apple Store (or authorized Apple service rep), as AT&T won’t provide warranty service.

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it didn’t fall off….

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yeah but they said that they can’t cover the crack in the screen

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I called the apple line and thats what they told me anyways.

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Duck tape that bitch ;D!

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be careful with her.

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well apple makes a screen protector. Its a clear film to place on your screen maybe that will hold it until you can get a new one…

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the screen isn’t falling off or anything its just severly cracked.

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I can’t say much other than checking with an apple store, but how the hell did you crack it?

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well it could help to protect until you get a new one

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I was sitting in my seat in class and it fell out of my pocket and hit the tile

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my husband cracked his too he droped it on concrete and it spidered from the corner up it still works were just waiting so he can get a new one

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that sucks. Mine has fallen onto concrete from my pickup truck (yeah I’m female and I drive a pickup…a big one!)... Been flung across a room (I talk with gestures and got a little excited)... Sat on… The works… And I have like 3 nicks on it. (not on the glass, its spotless)

I swear it’s indestructible

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yeah thats what mine did its on the top right corner, goes diagonal left then diagonal right and one crack continues diagnonal left

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maybe I could tell poppa bear of just keeps freezing….

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auto correct can be annoying with particle words :)

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yeahhh so do you think that would work???

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Take up a collection online and ask people to send you a dollar.

@squirbel: not indestructable

(Yeah, I know. You were speaking in hyperbole.)

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Can’t watch it just yet, but if it is the video of the iPhone in a blender, I watched it 2 days after I bought it… Lol!

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This is why you buy cases for them.

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i have had the phone for three days and i have been in school the entire time. i havent had time to get a case.

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