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Three years ago i jammed the proximal interphalangeal joint in my pinky, can i pop this back into place without surgery?

Asked by mteinert (4points) March 20th, 2010

the middle joint in my pinky is seperated and my finger points straight and i cant bend it.

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You need to go get a scan on your pinky to see if the joint is damaged (it may be since it’s been left untreated 3 years). If it is, you may receive surgery. Otherwise it may appear from the scan that taking an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen and getting a few sessions with a kinesiologist will be sufficient.

Whatever you do, go scan your pinky, and DO NOT try to jam the joint back in place yourself, you might permanently damage the ulnar nerve (and it runs all the way back up to the shoulder so you really don’t want to do anything that will leave you with a numb or painful arm for the next 15 years).

Good luck!

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Maybe you should let a physician set it if that is possible.

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How much pain can you bear?

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Don’t try to do it yourself. Since you have left it so long, you will need to have it evaluated by a doctor. If you had it checked out when it happened though, it sounds like a closed reduction would have taken a few minutes (although also quite painful) and no surgery would have been required.

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Maybe 3 years ago. You should go see a doctor about it now.

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After three years, you own the damage.

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