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Do you ever see people around with "buck" teeth?

Asked by Theby (998points) March 20th, 2010

When I was young there were quite a few people with “buck” teeth. Now I never seem to see them. I know that kids are having braces and other dental corrections but I have not even seen tiny kids with “buck” teeth. Why is this?

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Not enough wabbits in your life?

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Probably like you said, all the dental work. Though, why it’s corrected more often now, I don’t know. I haven’t noticed a difference, myself. My sister sucked her thumb until she was 12. She had buck teeth until she had all sorts of stuff done to fix it.

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Ah – What’s up, Doc?

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My sister has buck teeth, because she still sucks her thumb and she’s 9. She’ll probably be getting braces soon. I think most kids don’t get buck teeth now because people know it comes from sucking the thumb and they’re more adamant about the kids stopping.

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@ChocolateReigns Is there proof of that or is that an old wive’s tale? I would have thought it was genetic.

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Buck teeth? Here in the south people walk around with no teeth and rotten teeth.

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My best friends brother has buck teeth, and he’s never had braces. His teeth are naturally stright.

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There’s far less inbreeding these days.

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My mom had buck teeth as a kid and had braces to fix them. I look back at the pictures and laugh at her, but now her teeth are more perfect than mine. I don’t see buck teeth anymore. I see more crooked or people with rotting teeth.

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That’s how you know the economy is still good. Parents can afford to get their kids’ teeth straightened. For all you under 30’s, thank your parents right now!
Remember how much they spent on you when it’s time to put them in a home.

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not lately. more people must be coming to their senses and getting them fixed.

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I live in Alabama – there are tons!

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I have buck teeth. I have no shame.

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I had massive amounts of orthodontia when I was a kid, after which my teeth were nice and straight. I still have buck teeth. Apparently the only way to fix mine is to break both my jaws and realign them. Ugh.

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Some of these answers are cracking me up. lol sorry but there funny

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I had buck teeth when I was a child. But my parents invested a great deal into my mouth.
Now I am soooo pretty. :-)

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No much anymore. I suppose it’s because so many people take advantage of orthodontics.

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