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How do you prefer to prepare your pasta?

Asked by TheBot (766points) March 20th, 2010

Boiled and served with a sauce? In a salad? Baked in the oven? Which preparation,and which type of pasta do you prefer? What makes it your favorite?

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I really like egg noodles al dente with butter and Parmesan cheese.

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My granddaughter and I like little shells, boiled in salty water, tossed with butter and some parm. Nothing too spicy as she is 3.
Um, and that appears to be what @johnpowell likes too. Jinx.

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I make a killer spaghetti sauce ( okay…so does EVERYONE! lol )

I prefer to use it with pasta shells or rigatoni.

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I like meatloaf-a getti. (That was just for you, Lucille!)

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We’ve been making a great one lately. You saute 4 slices lean chopped bacon, 5 chopped anchovies, 2 onions, mushrooms, parsley and black olives in 4 T. of olive oil. Toss it with spaghetti and grate over it some parmesan. Yummy!

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@janbb Sounds delicious but also extremely salty. I’ll try it sometime.

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I like my pasta Al dente with homemade marinara sauce. Sometimes with a nice Chianti too but no Fava beans.~

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Try this. Par-boil some chicken breast, cut into bites and fry in Olive oil and garlic. Drain and set aside. Grate some parmesean cheese. Heat about 2 cups of chicken stock, add chopped garlic, and diced tomatoes. Allow tomatoes to soften. Boil pasta, and put into bowls. Pour stock and spoon on tomatoes. Add chicken, top with P. cheese. The original recipe calls for olive oil but you can substitute chicken stock and still have the same silky texture without all the calories.

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I love it all kinds of way and don’t have a real preferece though the family specialty is a baked macaroni and cheese

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Al dente, with veggies and lots of fresh Parmesan.

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I really groove on tagliatelle pasta. It is thinner than fettuccine and my most adored condiment in all the world, parmesan, clings to it very nicely.

My “prep of the day” has been to saute broccoli in extra virgin olive oil with a few red pepper flakes and a dot of fresh garlic. I toss it with the tagliatelle, fresh herbs, and parmesan (the real stuff: parmigiano-reggiano).

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I like my pasta various ways like the ones in this thread. But one that nobody’s mentioned is breadcrumbs and pasta. It is so tasty yet so simple.

You just boil some pasta, (I prefer vermicelli or spaghetti) then melt plenty of butter and olive oil in a pan, and stir a couple cups of breadcrumbs in. Fry them until golden and scoop them over the cooked pasta.
You can add some cheese, like parmesan, and some parsley to finish. Mmm…I might go make some now—at 6am on a Sunday morning. :P

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I like it any way. My least favorite is in a cold dish.

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Al dente is the rule. Then any way you wish to prepare it.

When is dinner?

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Angel hair boiled to perfection with a simple sauce: EVOO sauteed with butter, garlic, and italian seasoning.


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Linguine is typically my favorite, al dente. A comfort food for me is to have it with meat sauce and mozerella. Pasta first, then either crumbles or shredded mozerella, and pour hot meat sauce on top to melt the cheese. I cut my pasta (I hope there are not any Italians on this thread) twirling is annoying and can cause sauce to wind up on your shirt.

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I prefer to pay someone else to do it for me.

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My oldest grandson (22) has made pasta his specialty, and his cooking is so good his friends pay him to come over and prepare a meal for them. He prepares meals at our house in exchange for his rent.

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I like an eggy fettucini a lot. I grew up on angel hair. In italy I had the best pasta. It was Barilla Vermicelli No. 8. I can’t find it in the states. If anyone knows where to get it let me know….and this has just spawned a follow up question…be on the lookout.

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@Ltryptophan All of the Barilla pastas, including v.8, are available where I shop. Try a store that specializes in imported foods.

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@Ltryptophan— I can get Barilla here in Western Washington, it’s been a staple for years. Where are you?

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Barilla is the only pasta I buy. I don’t have the #8 though

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@susanc it’s the#8 that fouls things up. We have Barilla here in New Orleans.

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Barilla and Muellers here. I have been trying some of the healthy whole wheat pastas in different brands, and it just isn’t the same.

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Jleslie, we have some organic whole wheat pasta that is expensive at my work, it is very delcious, and does not taste particularly whole wheat. I’ll tell you what it is tomorrow.

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@JLeslie uht-oh! You found an Italian on the thread! :P It’s all in the technique of the twirling hehe

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@Chongalicious I have a brother-in-law by marriage who is Italian (from Italy not Brooklyn). When I went to visit his family for my nephew’s baptism they were in disbelief that I cut my spaghetti.

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@JLeslie OH MY GAWD. I’ve never understood that! Not to criticize lol but ya just gotsta learn to twirl!! Even use the spoon on the side at first if you must! You’ll surprise them in such a pleasant way next time you visit :)

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@Chongalicious I can do it, I just prefer to go ahead and cut. I twirled when I was younger, and then a boyfriend I had, way back when, cut his spaghetti, and since then I have done the same. I was judgmental at first too LOL, until I tried it. My sister-in-law divorced the Italian so I probably will never see his family again except on facebook. :) Maybe if I travel to Venice I will meet up with them, but no plans as of now. Ha.

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@JLeslie Haha oh nice! I’ve tried the cutting thing; but for me it gets to be too much sauce on the spoon when you eat it! I’m just so good at twirling ;) <—No worries; that’s as conceited as I get lol

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@JLeslie Rusticella D’abruzzo

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@Ltryptophan I’ll look for it.

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