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Have you read ''Trainspotting'' by Irvine Welsh? Thoughts?

Asked by Berserker (33514points) March 20th, 2010

I read that book like five times, and am reading it again now. I really love it, it’s fun, thought provoking, disturbing and at times, hilarious. Like the praise on the back of the book says, it deserves to sell more copies than The Bible.
(About heroin addicts in Scotland living their messed up lives, surounded by other freaks and psychos- a collection of anecdotes from several characters really, which eventually lead up to one big event.)
I also love the movie, and while it’s switched around a bit from the contents of the book and some parts are left out, it’s an excellent adaptation.
The insight from the characters in the book are really something, too.
So if you read this, or saw the movie, did you like it? Who’s your favourite character and all? I totally love Spud.

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I never read the book, I adored the movie saw it about four times. It has a gritty graphic poeticalness about it. I tried to read Porno also by IW But could not get into it. I identify a lot with the whole story, I loved the end “I chose life, Hire Purchase, Hi Fi’s…” I just really understood it. Plus I was born near Scotland so enjoyed it more I think.

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I never read the book but saw, and loved, the movie.

The scene that stands out the most is the kitten. :(

I need to see it again… I remember really liking the movie but I saw it when it was first released and have no memory.

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The movie was excellent, but you know that Vanessa and reading don’t mix well together. You can send me the book when you’re done!
I have one that I want to send you. :)

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I loved the book although phonetic Scottish gets a bit annoying after a while.

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@Lightlyseared: view it as a learning experience – people speak and write English (actually a variety of Anglic dialects) differently. It’s not “phonetic Scottish”; it’s Scots.

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It sounds like an interesting read, but what on earth does “gritty, graphic poeticalness (sic) ” mean?

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gritty graphic poeticalness is actually a rather good description of the movie. That said, i cant really explain what it means, it just must be watched :)

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@the100thmonkey The Renton sections has Scots words but they are spelled phonetically. Its annoying because he didn’t bother to do it properly.

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HI, Uber and Vladimira; The problem of not being able to explain a phrase means it probably isn’t a good one, particularly since poeticalness is not a real word (yet).

In this era of “Invent what you feel like. Eventually it will be incorporated into the language,” I keep my finger in the dyke. Already in existence is poetical, poetry, and poetically.

How about gritty, graphic poetry? I could parse that.

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Bah technicalities :P Your phrase works as well.

i suppose you didnt hear the sad news :(

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Dear Uber; No, I didn’t hear. Boo Hoo. My condolences. Too late to send flowers or a contribution to the Save the Mantis Shrimp Foundation?

Are you going to replace her eventually? (Maybe for my sake.)

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@Vunessuh Oh I’m done reading it. Took three days. I’ll send it anytime you want, further detailing through PM’s. :)

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