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I'm expected to organize a mud-wrestling contest. How to go about doing this?

Asked by Vincentt (8064points) March 20th, 2010

When we suggested it we weren’t really that serious, but we picked it up anyway and are now seriously looking at organizing a mud-wrestling contest. Now I’m looking at what to think of, and I’m fully expecting Fluther to know more about it.

Currently I’m thinking we need a water supply at the location of the wrestling, and I suppose we’d best buy some mud-like substance at the garden centre (Wikipedia suggests something called Bentonite). I suppose a plastic mat would be easiest to use as floor, though perhaps a small inflatable children’s pool would be possible (financially) as well.

More things to think about:
* What rules would be best/most fun? Just draw a circle and have one push the other outside of it, and perhaps also flooring the opponent?
* Should we do a competetion/a tournament/something else?
* What else am I forgetting?

All input is appreciated.

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Loads of topless women & a ringside seat for me please.Rules, I must stay in the ring at all times.Purely in an advisory role you understand.

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No matter what is is, someone knows how.

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gotta love dat internet!

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I don’t know about what substance to use, but I can say that a child’s inflatable pool is probably not going to be able to take the beating. Someone’s foot is going to get jammed into it pretty quick and even if you tell everybody to trim their toenails it’s going to rip.

As for rules, I would favor saying you have to stay in the ring, but not disqualifying someone for getting pushed out. At that point the players should be centered again. To call a win one person should be able to get the other person down so she or he cannot get up or gives up.

As an attorney, I suggst you make sure that you comply with all laws about whether you can charge admission, whether you can legally give a prize, and what your responsibilities if people in the audience are drinking on the side or gambling on the outcome. It sounds like fun but the police could be all over you in a bunch of ways if you are not careful in advance.

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As an event planner, you need a venue, enticement to recruit wrestlers, good advertising to attract patrons – that should be easy.

The ring concept is some serious wrestling….will your girls be up to it??

Pool seems logical to me. Have participants to sign release in case of injury, so your group wont be in trouble. Have paramedics at hand.

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@semblance Good point about the children’s pool. I’m not sure about getting a person down though – I think the funny part is people scrambling all over the floor trying to push the other person out, so if that’d already be the end of the match that would be a pity, I think. The point on laws is a good one.

@jazmina88 I think there won’t be that many girls, anyway. However, should we only have people wrestle people from the same gender because of that? I’m leaning towards letting people choose themselves, but that might be troublesome when trying to start a competition.

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I can see it working with a pushing out rule. I just kind of prefer total victory and complete humiliation and defeat with a pin or surrender. LOL.

By all means, if people want to wrestle someone of the opposite sex, let them do it. Equal opportunity and all of that. Beside, I’ll bet women will win more than you expect.

Good luck. WIsh I could be there.

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Men mud wrestling???? I didnt even know folks did this??

I dont think women would be into watching it… much as men.

Having men dance…..whoo hoo!!!!

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I think Vincent’s group is more into the idea that the experience itself would be fun. I didn’t get the sense it was a customer draw like the ones you see sponsored sometimes. I agree, though, that if the spectator aspect of it is important then men wrestling would probably not be much of a draw – unless of course, they were wrestling women.

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Haha, yes, the experience itself is very important, the spectator aspect is important too, but more in a “laughing at how people are scrambling through the mud” kind of way than in a “wow that looks hot” kind of way :)

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