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Ladies, when you're pmsing, are there times when you don't want to have sex with your partner nor have them touch you even?

Asked by Jude (32112points) March 20th, 2010

Actually, it’s to the point to where their touch annoys you?

Is this normal?

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Yes. I don’t know if it’s water retention or just general irritation, but there’s a point during my PMS when I don’t want any kind of touch, particularly sexual. Luckily, I only have a day or two of this.

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It’s the opposite for me. I crave more of everything.

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Pardon my French, but mon amie is even plus corné during her PMS.

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Pms + stress = Please, I don’t feel like getting amorous. It’s usually when I have those two combined. Normally, I’m fine. Luckily, it only lasts a few days.

Schmoking pot helps.

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Um.. sometimes during my PMS-ing I don’t usually want anything to do with sex… at all. But like most others, it only lasts a few days. :)

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I’m like @DrasticDreamer… plus I don’t get all weirdly emotional… double whammy!! lol

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I become evil and irrational. I don’t think anyone wants to be around me, let alone touch me.

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I just want to fight.

No, really I dont.

Well, maybe, kinda..sorta. Don’t like it? Fuck off.


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The lady is just letting me chill. Awesome.

Other females get it.

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I like my women evil and irrational.

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@ChazMaz Then what do you do the other 3 weeks of the month??

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During the 2 days I am PMSing, it is my husband who is trying to get away from ME. He has learned that it’s best to give me the alone time I that politely warned him I needed, rather than persist with his needs at that time. One warning is all I have in me to give during those times.

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yes. during ovulation however, it’s like being in heat. and sometimes the middle of my period or at the end but typically the week leading up to it and the first couple of days i would rather rip you apart with my teeth.

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Since I don’t PMs, I can blame it on used socks and boxers on the floor, grabbing his belly and shaking it and gigantic farts for putting me out of the mood.

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Sometimes I feel that way because I’m really tense and stressed during that time. When me and my boyfriend hang out, we usually spend a few hours preparing and eating a great meal and drinking a bottle or two of nice wine. It is such a great way to unwind that I can’t help feeling cuddly soon.

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@jjmah is asking a sex question?! Has your account been hacked?
When you’re pmsing, are there times when you don’t want to have sex with your partner nor have them touch you even? YES!
Actually, it’s to the point to where their touch annoys you? He knows better than to touch me when I’m PMS’ing, unless I come on to him
Is this normal? Yes
There are some times when I am PMSing that I get super honry.

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Stress? Actually, I find sex relaxing and relieves stress. Am I wrong?

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i have never experienced this. Like @galileogirl said, I find sex very stress relieving so my boyfriend can touch me all he wants.

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@Cruiser – I enjoy peace.

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I’m usually in a cuddling mood when I’m on my period…I’ll cuddle with anything I can get my hands on, my friends, my pillows, even my dog….I especially like it when my guy friend treats me like a baby….makes those days soooo much better….Periods weren’t so fun till I met him :)

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