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Will you ever let your kids use Fluther?

Asked by Arp (3516points) March 20th, 2010

Please refrain from using jokes about how I am on the younger side :)

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Yes, if I had kids. I think it’s a great forum to process thoughts, check the vibe of the planet, and seek out interesting answers. However, I would monitor the type of information they are reading and responding. As with anything on the net, I think it’s important for parents to monitor their kids activities (within reason – need to exercise some level of trust).

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My daughter is 22, so the question does not pertain.

But…if I had under age kids…nope.

Too much ‘adult’ content.

Absoloutly an 18 and over zone IMO.

I’m big on leeping kids ‘innocent’ as long as possible.

Discretion is the better part of valor. lol

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no. Why would i want kids lessening my time for fun?

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Well, being as I’m 13 and not going to have kids for a while (6–7 years minimum, I’m thinking, assuming I find a good guy), I wonder if Fluther will be around by the time the kid’s 13. I guess it would depend on the kid.

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@prolificus @Coloma Do you think fluther needs a “Content Filter”?

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My kids wouldnt want to. their into their own things. myspace and facebook

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I am still very new here..just the last 10 days or so.

I’m quite liberal but not when it comes to younger kids having carte blanche to roam the vast wastelands of cyberspace.

If there was a section for kids only not a problem, but complete liberty to read any and everything…uh uh!

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@Arp – yes. I think there should be a rating system (right next to the tags, in the question composition section and perhaps in the question itself, for other jellies to rate). Then, parents could set the level they want their kids to access.

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Well, I think that when they get to a certain age it’s reasonable. But I would monitor what they see and answer, but I think that this is a great place people to share their ideas, learn about the communities insights. To get them to use this is.. another story. ;)

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I’d like to insert a kid’s pov here. (like I said before, I’m 13) I’ve gotten “the talk”. My parents know I’m not going to do anything stupid and they trust me. I like that. I wouldn’t want Fluther to turn into a censored site. It just wouldn’t be the same. If parents don’t trust the kid, they shouldn’t be letting them online at all.

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Of course! NSFW and everything. I can’t imagine anything on Fluther damaging them. But that’s just me.

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ARP, didn’t I just tell you to go to bed? Get upstairs, brush your teeth, and get in bed right now mister. DO NOT make me count to three.

I let my kid use fluther and this is what happens


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As far as the internet goes, this is a pretty good place for them.
Fluther gets my approval for my hypothetical kids.

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@chels WE HAVE A CHILD?!

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@Sarcasm what about if i don’t agree with you?

the kids will need my approval too!

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@cyndihugs Get ready for a lot of daddy favouritism.

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If it’s still around then, sure. My parents barely even know what this site is. I just told them that I “discuss issues” and talk to a variety people. (I’ve showed them the site and everything and I still think it would be cool if they were here since I talk about them so much, but that would just be too weird!)

I’ve been coming on forums and Q&A sites since I was 14. It has been extremely beneficial to me. It’s not for everyone, of course. I wouldn’t want my kids to take it too far and be on the internet all day long or anything like that. And certainly no younger than I was when I started.

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@cyndihugs Then I guess our kids aren’t going on Fluther. While you’re home, at least.
Girls can’t read when you whisper+italicize, right?

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@richardhenry Yeaaaahhh.. about that…

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Ok, so far the fluther family tree:

Johnpowell is my dad
Rangerr is my sister
Chels is my mom
You dont want to know about crazy_twilight_chick 0_o

Anything else I should know about?!

And who is this richardhenry guy!?!?!

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@johnpowell did what?!

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@Arp chels is actually my lady friend “IRL”. So this news is very disturbing to me too.

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I would. Sometimes kids feel like they can’t go to their parents about certain things… I know I feel that way at times. I wouldn’t want my kids to just be completely lost with no answer to their questions in sight if they ever felt like they couldn’t come to me for a thing or two.. of course I’d prefer them to come to me, but we can’t always get what we want =/.

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@richardhenry “lady friend”? really? ....really?

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@Dr_C Is “love of my life forever and always” too much?

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Quite a long distance relationship. Aren’t you in England and she’s in the states?

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@SeventhSense I’m off to England on Monday!

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@SeventhSense Not for long, I’m moving! Also she’s coming here tomorrow with a one way ticket, so she’ll probably be around for quite a while.

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Well good luck to you both. Young love…sweet.
I’m jealous.

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Uhhh….hmmm… It’s fine for me, but definitely not for them. It surprised me, but my gut reaction in this scenario was to protect my kids from fluther. I have a lot to teach them (especially about enabling behaviors) before I would feel comfortable with them being a part of fluther.

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My 14 and 15 year old daughters have each been members since they were 13. There is so much of value here, so many points of view, so many cultures to expose them to. Sure, there are things that aren’t entirely appropriate for them… but they live in the world. I’m sure they’ve seen/read/heard things in high school at least as bad as they’ll see here. Mainly, I don’t have a problem with it because I’m on. We’re very open with each other, and if something comes up we just have an honest discussion about it.

That said, they are forbidden to visit the chatroom. Too much porn! Also, I do have an alternate account that I use to discuss things I’d rather they not know came from me.

*Edit: Also, it depends on the child. My oldest was plenty ready for this site the day she turned 13 (I swear she was born 30 years old). The next in line had to wait about 6 months after her 13th birthday to sign up. We’ll see if my youngest (currently 12) is ready (and interested) when her birthday rolls around in December.

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@augustlan Too much porn?
There’s no porn, ma’am, just perverts. That’s all.~ (:

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No, only because I talk about things I wouldn’t want my kids to read.
If I were not on fluther, then I think it would be fine

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We do get the vajayjay links and the schlong references. And of course the perverts.
I am of course am a pure innocent

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