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Cincinnati Zoo or St. Louis Zoo?

Asked by vanausdr (146points) March 20th, 2010

Which would you prefer? My family and I are trying to decide which to visit over spring break? Which is better?

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There is no better Zoo in the world than the St. Louis Zoo.

of course I’ve never been to Cincinatti

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Where is this Cincinnati and St. Louis of which you speak?

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St. Louis…....when i was young,...I saw something horrific in Cincinnati zoo, involving a giraffe.

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St. Louis Missouri

St. Louis Zoo

Missouri Botanical Gardens

St. Louis Art Museum

The Gateway Arch. Louis Arch (Museum of Westward expansion)

But the best reason to visit St. Louis is Ted Drews Frozen Custard on Historic Route 66. That alone is worth the trip!

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Don’t forget Branson, Mo. And the Springfield there is the Simpson’s.

But really, they are a few hundred miles apart, so whichever town you are nearest, that is the zoo to go.

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Just kidding. The Midwest is a remarkable place.

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I realize that it’s a bit late, but the St. Louis Zoo has the benefit of being free, and having a decent selection in spite of it.

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