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Is there a diabetes monitor device you don't have to prick yourself to draw blood?

Asked by BabylonFree (208points) March 21st, 2010 from iPhone

My mom is tired of pricking she heard somewhere that there was an ad on tv once for a “you don’t have to prick your finger anymore ”.

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“Researchers say using light beams to measure blood sugar through the skin will mean needing finger pricks only for calibration.”


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Interesting , maybe one day that feature will come with iPhone , it would be neat.

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It looks as if we are stuck with the current technology for a while yet. There is a device that measures the glucose in one’s interstitial fluid, but it is still in development.

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I use a monitor that lets me prick my forearm instead. I much prefer it as it is less painful and I don’t end up with blackened finger tips.

There is a watch that monitors your blood sugars through minute sweat collection. Link

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I’ve had diabetes for 4 years now and I asked this very question to my endocrinologist during one of my quarterly visits and she said there is no way to accurately measure your blood sugar levels without pricking your finger and using a meter to check a drop of blood. I related to her that I also saw an advertisement praising a non-stick method to check your blood and she said that was nonsense and that the advertisement is disseminating fraudulent information.

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It’s a matter of price and accuracy. For the next couple of years it’s best to stick with finger pricks.

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Now, is it “Die-ah Bee-Teez” or “Dia-Beatis”

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@majorrich: hahaha. It’s the first one, but the second one is hilarious when people say it like that

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@majorrich @mass_pike4 we call it Die-uh-bettis in our abode. Then we eat Quaker Oats and order a pony from Liberty Medical

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