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LinkedIn ettiquette?

Asked by occ (4083points) March 7th, 2008

If someone asks me to join their network on LinkedIn (the social networking site for professionals), but I don’t recognize their name and don’t think we’ve ever actually met, should I accept or not? I’m pretty good with faces and names, so if it doesn’t ring any bells, I really don’t know them. I guess it doesn’t hurt to add them to my network, but since it is a job-hunting site for professionals, it seems like I might not want to add them to my network if I don’t know who they are or how to vouch for them. One of the people I really have no idea how I might know them – the other (from her profile) used to work at my organization (but it must have been before I worked here, because I don’t recognize her name). Thoughts?

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I’d ask them how they know you. I don’t think its rude and then you can decide if you want them in or not. I see a lot people just adding as many people as they can. I work with a guy who just confessed to not knowing a handful of people in his direct network but added them anyway when they requested it. Personally I wouldn’t add them if I don’t know them.

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I don’t see what it hurts to add people if there is some connection there, as long as that connection is accurately recorded in the system when you make the connection.

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This is interesting to me. A former colleague that I really, really disliked because his childish actions caused several people to lose their jobs just asked to join my LinkedIn. I have not decided what to do. Am currently taking the ostrich approach—taking no action at all.

For those you don’t know, I like Paul C.‘s approach.

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Look around at your colleagues’ pages on LinkedIn and see if they have these mystery individuals’ added. You might be able to find out from your friends who they are. Also, check to see who these unknown people include as their contacts to see if there is anyone in common. Otherwise, I’d just leave them in limbo, because you may be better off not including someone that is just looking for bodies to fill their contacts list.

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