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How would I go about making an animation on Powerpoint where it looks like a crayon is writing words?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) March 21st, 2010

I’m doing a Powerpoint and I thought that it would be cool if I could find an animation where it looked like something was being written – can anyone help me find something that would explain it for me?

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I’m not sure you could do this within Powerpoint. Best to create an animated movie and then import it into your presentation. Or if you want it to be user controlled, there is probably a stock cursor replacement available somewhere online.

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try getting a picture of a crayon… or using the shapes (you might need to make a rectangle then a triangle and make the two a group) and then making a motion path (under custom animations) that draws words, then maybe use the scribble shape the same word as the motion path and have them play at the same time.

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I dunno but you should just play around with stuff cause I know teachers use that cause mine used it quite a few times so just play around on it and hopefully you’ll find what your lookin for!!!

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Use masking, as it is used in Flash.

Draw a rectangle with no border and fill colour same as the slide background. Place it on the text or word that you want to show written. The size of the shape should be appropriate so as to fit it without being seen.

You can animate pen as well as the mask or the above shape along a custom path. You have to match both the pen/crayon movement and the shape’s movement, so that it will unhide the text as crayon moves, creating an effect that will look like a crayon writing that word. It’s time consuming, but you can do it like this.

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