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Where would my son hide pot or drugs?

Asked by mommamia (13points) March 21st, 2010

where would my son hide pot

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I used to hide my cigs in the 8-track opening of my stereo.

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Someplace a snooping mother won’t know to look.

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Cookie jar. Two birds with one stone: Get munchies and solve munchies.

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Backpack, between the mattress, in a suitcase, behind video games, in his shoes, in the garage.

That is smoking is less of an issue as to why he’s smoking. Is he dealing?

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I hide them where my parents can’t find them.

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anywhere and everywhere. you have to look in every nook and cranny. i have 3 boys and let me tell you they can be very creative.

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Under the mattress. Everything is under the mattress.

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Cigar box. Shoe box.

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Anywhere that has the sign: “NO DRUGS HERE”

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How could we possibly know? Just think completely outside of the box when your looking.

And don’t be an asshole and smoke all of it, leave some for him ;)

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In his waterpipe, but more likely at the same location where he keeps his porn, diary and failed tests. Btw, my parents thought me that if you want something you have to work and pay for it, not just confiscate it from your kids and smoke it yourself ;)

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In a condom, in his anus. I recommend an anal probe.

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If he’s smart, he is hiding them in YOUR room.

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Why find them? He’ll just hide them somewhere else next time. There must be a better way to address this issue with him.

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@dpworkin .. that gives new meaning to smoking

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More than likely, anywhere in his room or in his car. He will want it close by, easy to access and easy to hide in a hurry but nowhere you would normally look, like in his drawer.
Another place may be someplace he has suddenly taken an interest in hanging out. Like the garage. Many spots in a garage to hide things because some areas have things stored for years where parents just won’t look.
Another possiblility is at his friends home.
Oooh! This feels like an egg hunt. Let us know who got it right. LOL

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a popular ploy among teachers too!

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In the air conditioning vents.

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What are you going to do if you find it? When I was in high school, a friend’s mom turned him in to the police. That helped NOBODY.

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DVD cases make great hiding places for an assortment of tiny things. Don’t ask me how I know.

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Snooping around in your kid’s stuff is not a good way to have a relationship with your son. If you’re worried about something, talk to him, don’t snoop. Or if you snoop, don’t let him find out.

That being said, I hid(e) my pot in many different places; trinket boxes or jewelry boxes, coat pockets, sock/underwear drawer, inside socks, car (glove box, under seats), behind books in bookcases, under the mattress, in the pillowcase, etc. The list goes on.

There are a million different places to hide weed and pipes, more than likely none of us are going to know exactly where he hides it, and tearing apart his room and all of his belongings isn’t going to help matters. Pot isn’t a big deal. Most teenagers grow out of it. If he’s especially young or you think he is on something else, talk to him or get him help.

Don’t jeopardize his trust in you.

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@mommamia Are you really this guy’s brother/sister and you are just looking to steal his stash!??!!

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Oh, almost forgot. My brothers use to hide weed in a plastic bag and tie a string to it and let it dangle just slightly under the window sill. They would do the same with a joint and tie the end of it and stand by the window, So when my mom would enter the room they would toss it out but not loose it and they could retrieve it and keep smoking after my mom left the room.

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Kids on drugs get forgetful. They’ll slip up and leave it out somewhere.

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practically anywhere you’d least expect. to think like him or her, you have to think like a teenager. for some reason teens never realize the parents were teens once.

if your son or daughter has a car and after time stops leaving his/her keys on top of the microwave like he/she used to, that’s a sign that only the driver wants to have access to the car and not the unsuspecting adult who just wants to move it out the driveway.

something is in that kid’s car. a blanket, a cigarette butt, a beer bottle, some panties—something!

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In his underwear drawer, no one ever thinks of digging through there. And it’s a good place to hide things you don’t want to be found.
Or somewhere in his closet where there is a bookshelf hiding the hole on the drywall covered by a poster or something. Look there.

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In the same place where you do.

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Hah! Any pocket of anything hanging in his closet. Is there any possibility of rational conversation between the two of you before you start searching? What kind of relationship do you have with him? What kind of student is he? Is he going through changes in his friends and study habits? What’s up?

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I hear that kids these days are hiding their drugs by igniting them with a high heat source thus turning the drugs into “smoke” which they then inhale. The drugs are probably hidden in his lungs and fat tissue. Good luck finding them.

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I always hid candy from my kids in the vegetable bin in the fridge. They never caught on. Maybe that’s where he’s hiding his.

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I used to hide mine in my sister’s room after she went away to college. Mom found it once and, boy, did my sister get in trouble.

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I don’t do that stuff but i have a friend who hides it in his box spring and under his seats in his car

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@breedmitch LOL, taht was mean, and yet funny.

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Why do you need to know ? What he won’t share with you or something ?

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In the brownies he made you. Isn’t he so sweet?

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I’m trying to remember where I hid mine when I was that age, and no, I don’t do that stuff anymore, but I can’t remember. I think I kept it in a box in the back of my closet, covered up with other stuff. My parents were pretty clueless, though. I used to smoke pot in my room and tell my mother it was incense. Then one day I burned some actual incense and she commented that it smelled a lot better than the stuff I usually used. Looking back on it I feel bad that she just had no idea what was going on. It was a different time though.

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My mom once walked in on my high school friend and I when she was staying overnight and sniffed and said “What are you girls doing? Smoking cabbage leaves?”

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I’m 17, I use logical spots but not the spots ordinary people would think to look. Here are some of my spots id give a go when finding your kids pot. I’ve NEVER been caught. Places- room in the ceiling, if you have a poll supporting blinds disconnect the poll (joints). Under a stair, cut holes in jackets, pants, pajamas, sweater (inside). Hole in mattress. The inside of a dvd cover, in couch, shoes you don’t normally wear, under fridge or any other appliances, vaces, laundry room under appliances, outside in a pre dug hole preferably around edges of home, pillow cases (inside feathers/cotton) and the attic. These are places only smart but extremely logic kids hid their bud. If your kid is not smart look in the obvious places.

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