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So, when did Subway start having drive-up windows?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 21st, 2010

Driving back from Indiana, i noticed a new Subway had opened in Henderson, Kentucky. being hungry and a new establishment, wife and i drove in for our favorite “veggie sub sandwich”. since we were late, heading for home, we decided to eat our sub on the way. as i was backing out of Subways parking lot, i noticed a line of cars wrapped around its building. being curious, i ventured to see what was happening. it was a drive-up window at this new Subway. this was a first for us. how long has Subway Sandwich Shops had drive-up windows and which was the first in the nation?

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I have yet to see this. I am not against it, though.

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that’s fresh (:

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Haven’t heard of this, but that’s awesome.

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I’ve been to a couple that have a drive thru. The one in my town has had one ever since it opened in the 90’s, but they don’t use it anymore

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The ones near me are all urban settings or strip malls, and don’t have drive-thrus.

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I was impressed. it seemed to take a long time before one car left the window and another took its place. i guess this is okay, but personally, i like to go inside and watch my sandwich being made. there is just something about the thrill and anxiety it makes on my tastebuds. does this sound correct to you?

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I have always wanted a drive-thru at Subway… or even Starbucks. Hmmm, laziness and convenience is so becoming :)

PS: Means I can get frappacinos in my pyjamas without suffering any embarrassment. Loving it!

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I hope they can fit those foot-longs through that little window. This has always been the trouble for them.

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davidbetterman, they have knives to cut for this purpose.

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I’m glad they figured out that dilemma!

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@john65pennington, the veggie is my favorite, too.

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@Rachienz The Starbucks close to me has a drive thru.

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I’ve seen it. I’m not terribly impressed by Subway, or any other fast food chain except In and Out.

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No fast food place can beat in and out, but Subway’s pretty good.

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They built a new Subway building here several years ago but didn’t use the drive up window. Someone I knew that worked there said they built the drive up because it increased the resale value of the building. Probably about 3 years ago they started using the window. I have used it once and thought it was slow and I like to watch them making my sandwich.

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I do agree that watching them make the sandwich at subway is preferable. My partner always demands more lettuce as they are moving on to the next salad filling. It annoys me, why on earth he can’t just say ”...and can I have extra lettuce?” when they ask him what salads he wants instead of saying “Everything please… oh oh, um, can you put more lettuce in?”

Yeah, I need to get out more or get a hobby.

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