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When does Spring start for you?

Asked by rebbel (31762points) March 21st, 2010

Last saturday spring started (on the northern hemisphere).
For a lot of people the season of the year!
What are signs for you to say “Yes, spring is in the air again!”
For me it’s cycling and suddenly be surprised by narcisses/dafodils popping their flowers up out of the grass.
And sitting behind glass (when it’s just a little too cold to sit outside) and feel those first rays of the sun on my face.
What makes that ‘spring-feeling’ for you?

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The cold weather starts going away and the warm weather arrives! Ahhhh

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There is a patch of wild earth by the lake I walk around. In early Spring it explodes into a mass of deep purple crocuses. That is my sign of Spring.

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Spring arrives for me the day I can get out, start digging in the dirt, and plant some pansies!

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When the Snowdrops bloom. They’re blooming now, though where I live there could still be more snow, even in April. I remember at least one year when my daffodils were in full bloom and sitting in 6 inches of snow. But when the Snowdrops bloom is, for me, the official beginning of Spring.

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When the Forsythia blooms.

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Oh how depressing… autumn in New Zealand. I really wish I was in the northern hemisphere right now. Very jealous of your impending spring and summer.

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@PandoraBoxx Now you made me look and it’s pretty dark out there right now. My Forsythia is blooming! I didn’t even notice. It’s not at all in full bloom yet, just a few stragglers, but I will check tomorrow. How could I have missed that?

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When the first calf is born!

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Spring break began yesterday, so it’s pretty much begun for me. The weather is warmer, the trees are getting their leaves back; it’s here. ;)

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When I step outside one day, smell the moist, fresh, unfrozen air. Hear the birds sing, and listen to the drizzling of rain.

“Spring is here.”

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I raise the storm windows and lower the screens.

The wind blows through my place like the jet stream!!

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Oh jeez.. spring means seeds! haha
.Just planted scads of seeds, morning glories, a butterfly mix, moonflowers, cosmos, Spanish Flag. Cut back all my huge zebra grasses and myscanthus, and pruned my japanese willow and himalayan honeysuckle. Soon mowing and weed eating.

I am on 5 acres and the wild turkeys are strutting their stuff for the girls right now..all day giant puffed up toms in the yard. It also means ALLERGIES! Ugh! So far so good but April was a killer last year! haha

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Spring officially started yesterday, March 20th, here in Phoenix, Arizona. That means we should be seeing triple digit temperatures in a couple of weeks. Lovely.

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Here in MD we’ve been having some record warm temperatures. For me, finding that first spring flower (this past Monday – a single crocus) and seeing the first robin pecking at the ground (this afternoon) are the first signs that spring has arrived. Oh, and I kept the windows open all weekend and aired out the house.

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Oh yes…California has been in the mid-70’s all week…FINALLY the house is opened up again!

I can’t wait for the all nighters! lol

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Way up in the middle of MN, spring (plant-wise, that is) doesn’t start until June 1st. But “Spring has been in the air” ever since the snow started melting. Thankfully, I’m not in the part of Minnesota that’s getting flooded. We haven’t broken 65 yet. I’m jealous of those lucky southerners that have been wearing capris for a month.

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As a man and an unrepentant observer of people and women in particular, I always felt that spring arrives when parkas and leggings give way to short sleeve blouses or tops and skirts.

Of course these days, few women wear skirts and dresses except in the dress-up world of business and sales.

Few people willingly leave their skin exposed to the sun on a daily basis since the thinning ozone layer increased the risk of skin cancer.

How will I know when it is spring?

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When I can start letting the cats out in the garden again. They wont go out unless it’s warm & dry & the backdoor can remain open.

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When everything turns beautiful! :)

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Wow, I just saw this question as a sibling to some other question (can’t remember which, now) and it’s kind of depressing! Fall is in full swing here, and I can’t really remember spring. Hmm…What will I do?

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