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Betty or Veronica: Archie finally chooses!...Thoughts?

Asked by msbauer (420points) March 21st, 2010

As a young chickadee I read Archie comic books. The writer kept us hooked with Archie’s perpetual indecision: Betty…no, Veronica…now Betty…now back to Veronica. I recently found out that Archie finally picked…wait for it…VERONICA! (see Does the rich snob really beat out the sweet girl-next-door? Of course, it’s been a few years since I’ve read the comics, but I assume the same dynamic exists. Thoughts? Opinions? Inside knowledge?

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Veronica has always been the hottest of the two. Archie chose wisely. Now he’s got the babe and the money. I always knew he was shallow.

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Actually, according to my sources , the results are not that clear. The comic will contain two plotlines; one with a future with Betty and one with Veronica. The author was inspired by Robert Frost’s “two roads diverged in to a yellow wood…” An interesting sidenote is that Mike Uslan, the author of the comic book, is a former classmate of mine.

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Well even though I heared about that too I think he picked veronica.I knew he was shallow but not dumb!!!Betty really loved him but he chose the rich also pretty one…I thought people loved blondes,I guess money trumps blonds.But they are both pretty much the same…NOW ITS SO HARD!

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@janbb so like ‘sliding doors’ style? 2 parallel archie universes?

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@msbauer Exactimundo!

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Thoughts? It’s about time! Or… I really couldn’t give a shit. I know It’s one or the other.

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Some people will tell you Veronica is hotter. That’s fine, if they are INSANE!

Betty, Betty, Betty, Betty.

And Mary Ann, too!

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Hmmm…Archie likes a challenge?Hard to believe.;)

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I always figured that Archie would end up with Moose.

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Finally? Clearly they are all caught in some extremely horrifying type of chronic hysteresis, accounting for how they have been not only in the same vacillating pairing triangle, but also unaging and in high school for over 50 years.

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He’ll have the cash to keep his mistress, Betty, in fine style.

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I always considered Betty the underdog, but now I realized that, since so many people root for Betty because she is the perceived underdog, Veronica is really the underdog.

So, I’m disappointed by Archie’s choice, but maybe Veronica’s under-the-underdog-ness has some merit.

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@shadling21 you’re probably right. it certainly has the “wtf” factor.

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Wait, I just read the link. He proposed? Game over!

All the best, Archie & Veronica. Congrats!

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I’ve been watching Archie agonize over his decision for about 50 years. He’ll change his mind again. After all, they’re probably the world’s oldest teenagers!

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That link in the details is from May of last year.

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If Archie was a real person, he’d probably end up revealing why he was never into girls all that much, and was just hanging out with the ladies while persuing love behind closed doors with Reggie. I can’t help it. The publisher of Archie was the same guy who was the most ardent censor of the Comics Code Authority

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I always wanted Betty and Veronica to wise up and realize that they were way too good for a loser like Archie. Seriously.. what is so great about him that he has two of the hottest babes in G-rated comics fighting over him for decades?

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@PnL yes, i’m a bit late on the receiving end of this breaking story

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@keobooks- Well, he does front a rock band, you know.

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“Yummy yummy yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy”

and THAT gets all the girls in town except for moose’s girlfriend and that creepy jughead clone?

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I was thinking Sugar, Sugar.

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy is by Ohio Express, not the Archies.

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@AstroChuck good catch!

Those were two of the quintessential songs of the Bubblegum genre.

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Awww, what!? Everyone loves a Marilyn! ;P

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