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What radio stations do Flutherites in the Bay Area listen to?

Asked by occ (4080points) March 7th, 2008

Besides KGO, KFOG, KPFA, and KQED, which I am already familiar with, I“m wondering what other good radio stations are out there that have high listenership.

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Live 105! (105.3)

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I listen to KFRC a lot.

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89.5, KPOO, is a really awesome black-owned station with a wide variety of shows. it’s a community-based nonprofit, non-commercial station so you hear a lot of stuff you don’t hear on other stations, culturally, politically, and musically. check out

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KCBS/KLIV – news, traffic

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Too Short was down with KPOO. I heard all about it from album number ten, ‘gettin it’ when he describes getting run out of town. BITCH!

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KOIT is great around the holidays—24-hour Christmas tunes!

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