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Would Women who are normal, prefer a Woman over an impotent Man?

Asked by joscketSeper (323points) March 21st, 2010

I“ve read and heard stuff and seen talkshows that say that the only difference that there is between men and women is the male’s genitalia.

That women can do anything that men can do( sports, be rough, be strong)

Ok, so Why would or why wouldn’t a Women choose an impotent man over a Boyish(butch lesbian)lesbian woman who is healthy and looks exactly like a guy, maybe even has developed muscles and works out and dresses and acts like a guy.

In terms of sex, she would have a better time with the butch girl..cause not injured or hurt.

And then if you believe that women are just like men, then that butch can be said to be more of a man than the actual man because she has both the personality of a man and is healthy in the sexual department.

It seems that women would date and be with Butch lesbians, except that they are afriad to do it because of society.

I dont know, just something i thought about because I’m semi-importent and have injuries and i can’t really have normal sex. So i feel like Women would rather be with a butch lesbian than me.

male in my 30’s

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sex is physical but relationship is about chemistry…...and companionship.

we all want relationship.

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Only if they are gay.

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Don’t get down on yourself. And realize you have more to offer than an erect penis.

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Tough break about your impotency. That shouldn’t have happened until your 60s.

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i like myself over anyone.

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“Normal” is a loaded term, probably unhelpful in an objective search for an answer.
Would women who are hetero prefer a woman over an impotent man? Speaking as a heterosexual woman I would say no. There’s nothing a woman can do sexually to another woman that an impotent man could not also do. And a person chooses sexual orientation based on more than genital equipment.

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This is the troll guy again.

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Define “Normal”.

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You are basically asking if a straight women would prefer a trans guy over an impotent man…..

If she was bi-sexual or a lesbian…yes.

If she was straight?...maybe, it is possible.

Nothing is this simple though….

I mean…. would you prefer a feminine male over a women with a missing vagina??

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Yep creepy

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Your questions are kind of freaking me out, too. Also, why do you randomly capitalize certain words?! Why do people do that?!?! It drives me nuts!

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I can only assume that heterosexual women prefer men to women, if that’s what you’re asking.

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I’ll pass on both, thanks.

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What the fuck?

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@La_chica_gomela I believe it’s to Emphasize certain key Words.
Or maybe it’s Because, as @dpworkin believes, this dude is a Troll.

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@La_chica_gomela It’s quite Annoying, isn’t It? And Most of all, it Makes no sense Whatsoever! Ugh! * giggles *

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I’m kind of bothered by the term “normal”. A lesbian is just as “normal” I hate that term being applied to a person as a hetero woman. I’m with you guys- Trolly, Trolly, Trolly, Trolly, Troll.

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Who said anything about lesbians and normal. ?

When i said normal, i mean Women who are normal in that they are healthy and don’t have sexual health problems( like i have impotence and injury).

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Well, damn. Who saw that coming?

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@ Everybody
At the risk of totally derailing the thread and earning multitudes of mortal enemies:
I think that “normal” is justified here, considering that things aren’t meant to work that way.

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@Nullo Says who?

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I say God, but you could say Nature, if you’d rather; my angle here (this time) is function, not morality. Sex is first and foremost about reproduction, certain anatomical differences between males and females reflect this. There are certainly issues with sterility, but a given male/female couple is almost literally infinitely more likely to reproduce – or be able to reproduce – than a same-sex pair.
One behavior fulfills the function: things are working as they should, that’s normal. The other behavior doesn’t fulfill the function: things are not working as they should, that’s abnormal.

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Homosexuality isn’t just about sex.
Get really good with your tongue. Some women won’t care too much that you’re impotent if you’re highly skilled in other areas and open minded about sexuality.

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@Nullo You’re assuming what the main function is. Again, who’s to say that all people want to reproduce? Isn’t life about being happy, after all?

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No, I’m not assuming anything; this is basic high school bio stuff. Sex is structured around reproduction, therefore reproduction is the primary function of sex. Some behaviors encourage reproduction, others do not.
Unless you want to delve into the sociological, psychological, ethical, moral, and theological ramifications. Let me warn you now that those disciplines make up the thorniest thicket in the history of human thought.

Who’s to say that all people want to reproduce?
Adventures in not reading other people’s comments!

Isn’t life about being happy, after all?
I wouldn’t say so. Neither would Science™, though for different reasons.
Who’s making assumptions now?

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uh, no.


Only if the women are “normal” lesbians. But generally, no, because even if a man is impotent, there are other masculine qualities that a woman cannot offer another woman (just for the very sake that that person is a man and not a woman), and those qualities are sometimes more important and significant than whether a guy can “get it up or not”. Conversely, normal men cannot get from other men what they can from a woman who is has had, for example, a mastectomy. The woman is worthy in other ways, like her tenderness, her feminine warmth, which is expressed not by whether she has breasts or not.

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I agree.

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