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Do you think Limbaugh will leave?

Asked by b (1863points) March 21st, 2010

Rush Limbaugh promised to leave the country if the health care bill passed. Do you think he will make good on his promise?

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Could we be so lucky?

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I sure hope so.

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no. but one can always hope.

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Of course not. There is no way he would keep his word.

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I love how he threatened to move to a country with socialized medicine and no military.

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He will someday, he can’t live forever. But lying has never bothered him before. Why should it start just because healthcare passes? And to Costa Rica? Please. They have socialized healthcare.

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I would feel bad for the people of Costa Rica if he moved there.

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We are not that lucky.

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Maybe he will go to Germany, where they deserve him.

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He meant the would pick up his Canadian prescription of Oxycontin personally !!

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If that’s a genuine threat, it ought to gain the bill a few more votes.

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The only ones in Germany who would welcome him are the NPD and their bald, combat boots wearing and baseball bat carrying neonazi followers.

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@Jeruba I bet that is what got the last few dems to vote yes. It passed this evening.

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Good thing Costa Rica doesn’t have universal healthcare, it’ll be a utopia for Rush!


But no, I do not think he will genuinely leave.

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I’m amazed and very pleased for people with no insurance that it passed.

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It is too much to expect Limbaugh to live up to his words.

I can’t imagine him leaving his soapbox. It is not easy for him to find one that will support his larditude.

What country would actually want him?

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I imagine he’ll spin it something like this: “You, my loyal listeners, know how much I love America (insert God mention here as well). How could I leave at a time when America needs me more than ever? Who else will keep the liberal elite in check? Who will be the Voice Of Reason if I leave? No, my fellow Americans, I will stay here in God’s country and keep up the good fight!”

Some bullshit like that, I’m sure.

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No. Those from both the far right and left always threaten to move out of the country, but none of them ever do,

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If he doesn’t love America, he is free to leave it. At least, that’s what all the Conservative folk told me during the Bush era.

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I doubt it. But if he were to leave the US it would probably be similar to the multinational corporations. He would probably set up in somewhere like Costa Rica or The Bahamas, and still run his radio show and network from there.

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No. No more than Barbra Streisand did when GWB became president.

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What’s the tax rate for his bracket in Costa Rica?

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Probably a lot lower than his tax bracket here. He refrains from doing anything in New York State because of the effect that has on his taxes.

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@Yetanotheruser Well, when you are trying to get by on a meagre $40,000,000 a year, ya gotta cut every corner you can.

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I think it’s interesting that when he had his chest pains, he went to Hawaii, where, according to this New York Times article, which, since 1974, ”...has required all employers to provide relatively generous health care benefits to any employee who works 20 hours a week or more.” Then on his radio show last Monday (3/22/10) he seemed to back down from his threat/promise to move to Cost Rica if the Health Care bill passed. But he said, “Once all this gets implemented, I am going there for my health care.” (as quoted in politicususa). Interestingly enough, Costa Rica also has a government-run healthcare system, according to International Living.

“Foreigners living in Costa Rica can join the CCSS by paying a small monthly fee—based on income—or they can buy health insurance from the state monopoly Instituto de Seguro Nacional (INS), valid with over 200 affiliated doctors, hospitals, labs, and pharmacies in the private sector.”

(Edited to clarify sources)

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