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What are some good blog sites?

Asked by mayratapia_ (371points) March 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

I love writing, especially about everyday life etc. I want to find a site that I can record, or blog, my life on. I’ve heard of Tumblr & wordpress.. I currently have a blogger, blogspot, & the only problem is that the templates are minimal and I’m all about creativity. Tumblr so far has caught my attention although I don’t like following the hype, therefor I haven’t gotten one. Any suggestions of blog sites that are eye-catching &user-friendly?

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If you know css you can customize your template, or find css codes other people share.
It has a large community of more mature users as well.

I use
But I don’t open my blog to the public. It is my private diary. I have it password protected. I can share it with anyone I want by giving them the password, and it is great I can completely code my own page including javascript which other sites won’t allow.
But I am not there to “make friends” or gather a reader base from diaryland, as most of its users are kids. Kind of like myspace is a little more juvenile than facebook, if you get my drift. If you want to interact in a more mature community, and have the freedom to add css code instead of sticking to the main templates, I suggest Multiply.

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Actually I cusomized my blogger as well. If you know code, there is a way to edit and input code. But most sites won’t allow javascript codes. I only use diaryland because it doesn’t restrict what kind of code I can use. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, google “blogger templates”.

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What are you looking for? The blog set-up or the blog subject matter?
for subject matter here are some I like and I’ve got other kinds of favorites, just let me know what you want.
What kind of sites?
Here’s a bunch i like: A list Apart for web designers
Boxes and Arrows for web developers
Fake Steve Jobs geek humor
CAQ internet tech know how with a paranoid twist

for setup

this thing has erased itself so many times—I’ve got lots more

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to customize wordPress yourself rather than picking a theme:

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@anartist, I was actually searching for a blog site where I could post whatever it was I felt like posting. Some of my friends have tumblrs & it looks easy and all but it’s a little bit more exposed. Anyway, thank you for those links I will most definatly make an effort in learning how to use codes, HTML, CSS, etc. I think i’m just real lazy and wanted to have a site that had everything done for me.. Not gonna happen. Again, Thank You.

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That’s why the theme generator—you don’t have to code.
What do you mean by exposed? A blog by its very nature is exposed. Anything you put on the web is exposed. How do you define relative exposure?

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Someone recently told em that Blogger was very good!

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There are many templates that you can add to your blog. Many of these can be found by googling “free blogger templates”. has many adorable designs for free.

Or—If you love creativity, perhaps you could make your own template. :)

beachwriter's avatar is the simplest and cleanest. Just send an e-mail ( you can include pics, videos, pdfs, etc) to and it magically appears, all formatted and everything.

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@anartist, by exposed I ment too common, for example, Myspace, Facebook, everyone has one.. Me being guilty(:

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A rather good blogging site that I am using right now apart from the others mentioned is

1. Users are provided with their own subdomain with their account
2. Backlinks or other advertisements are not considered as spam as long as the article/blog is relevant
3. CSS is easily changeable
4. It functions like a social network therefore providing you with more member visibility
5. SEO is maximized in the title of your blog so it’s pretty decent (a blog of mine was ranked 1 in google search only after a few days [blog about ddtank aiming guide])
6. Works great when paired up with your other blogs
7. Reporting users for inappropriate content is taken very seriously so I feel rather protected against “predators” or other er annoying types of individuals

1. Needs some few tweaks in the sample css styles so you’ll have to experiment just a little
2. There are a few spammers, but they can easily be dealt with by reporting them since the staff pays attention to reports and other concerns (for my blog)

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