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Legalize it???

Asked by Bamdawam (11points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone

You know what I’m talking about.

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This was asked yesterday. Search for it and add your input.

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I asked yesterday but only got 3 responses. I want to know what more people have to say

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it doesn’t matter what people have to say, i’m fairly certain it will never be made legal and there’s really no point in “protesting” b/c everyone “does it” anyways.

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Do not re-ask, it creates clutter. The reason people did not answer is because they weren’t interested.

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yes!! I think it should be legalized and I’m a scientist!

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squirbel why get so angry? You can’t tell him not to do it, he’s gonna do it regardless of what you say.

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No… People didnt answer becasue I asked in the middle of the night. And as for sheriff’s response, I think it will eventually be legalized. It already is legal in some areas in the U.S.

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I think it should be legalized and age restriced, monitored, and taxed like alcohol and cigarettes are. Think of what that could do to help our deficit!!!

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i disagree, why give the government control of one more thing? i don’t know about you but… it’s much cheaper and well, i’m assuming if it’s controlled by the government it will probably be less potent. one reason, less THC means more of the drug sold = more money for the government.
sure, legalize it. just don’t let it be sold and taxed by the gov.

edit- i think it’s abused too much as it is. people have no respect for the drug and it’s power. damn potheads. then again, if it’s the deficit you’re concerned about, taxing it is a great thing. just depends on what side you’re on..

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It’s just my 2 cents…

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I think that if the government ran the show it would be more potent. They wouldn’t just half ass it. It would be age regulated anywsy

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People will come back and answer older questions. Reasking is downright annoying.

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The only reason it isn’t legal is because the government wouldn’t be able to tax it due to the relative ease in growing it. The price of it would go down and you would have age requirements to stop abuse by young people who don’t know what there doing. Here in Ca you can get cannabis cards and in Denver Co you can legally have under an oz. There is a group called NORML that is trying to make it happen. I think it is closer to being legal then you think isteve plus it would cut down on the people we lock up for stupid drug crimes in our over populated prisons.

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@Bamdawam – posting it in the middle of the night doesn’t really matter. What’s the middle of the night for you probably isn’t for me (you know, this internet thingy is international, with different timezones and stuff). Plus, whoever logs in the next day will probably find the question below the “Questions for you”, so if they don’t answer it it really must mean they’re not interested.

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who cares if its legal, I grow it myself any way, seeds and growing equipment are available online, and its more rewarding to smoke something that you’ve raised from a seed, we should all grow pot

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In principal yes I think illegalizing drugs is the wrong approach – it makes them seem more exotic and like a forbidden good thing, instead of just a stupid self-destructive thing. Make it as safe as it can be, and unglamorous, and put the thuggish drug dealers out of business and use the money to educate people in what it does and does not do and how stupid and self-destructive it is, and not in a totally fake dishonest paranoid way like they tried back in the past.

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Oh, and reposting a question also seems like not the best approach. Instead, just answer your own question and it’ll bubble up. Or, ask a different question that refers to your other question, like maybe, “Is anyone interested in discussing solutions to the illegal drug problem in the USA?”

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Eventually it will be legal. Laws fluxuate just as a sine curve does. Once the younger generation takes judge positions things will switch. The past has proven this. Also, it should be legal (even though I don’t smoke) so we can tax and control it, this would also reduce many violent crimes related with distribution. Many states would have it legal right now, but the federal government threatens to cut funds for roads/highways each time it is brought up, thus ending the issue. The same is done about lowering the drinking age.

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alcohol is the most dangerous and deadly drug in the world. More people die from alcohol related deaths than all the other drugs combined. What should be legal is the ability to grow whatever the f**k you want. Genesis 1:12 god has given us all the seed bearing plants and herbs to use. Word!

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I just don’t see why it isn’t legal. It is the safest drug to do and is much safer than alcohol. You can’t overdose on it, it isn’t addictive, it doesn’t disable your motor functions, etc. What other illegal substance can you do as much as you want without having to worry about it killing you?

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I agree with all of you, there really isn’t a good reason to keep it illegal. Unfortunately though, it’ll just take some time, but things will change.

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Bawadam, you might’ve mentioned you were talking about marijuana specifically – you only had “drugs” in your tags. Multiply my answer’s emphasis by 10 for marijuana only.

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My favorite podcaster was talking about this issue in one of his recent podcasts. He pointed out that the inconsistencies regarding the legality and illegality of different drugs today voids any moral high ground authorities have when it comes to drug laws and drug law enforcement. He suggested a litmus test that all drugs—those currently legal and illegal—should be subjected to. Everything from addictive qualities to likelihood and severity of overdose. Once all drugs have been scrutinized under this test, there should be a line demarcating which drugs are dangerous enough to remain (or become) illegal. All drugs scoring a certain score or worse would be illegal. All others would be legal.

The other thing he suggested is that legislators address the real issue—people want to get high. For whatever reason, there is a huge market for consciousness-altering substances. The problem, and the reason they are often so deadly, is that because most mind-altering drugs are illegal, medical science can offer no research that may lessen the dangerous side-effects of these drugs. If scientists developed a drug with the desired effect of getting people high, with no side-effects, non habit-forming, and completely safe, it would be outlawed tomorrow.

If lawmakers were brave enough to acknowledge that this market exists, they might be able to do something about it. Since they are more worried about the next election cycle, we probably won’t see any real change anytime soon.

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