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Do I have to go through customs in Paris if I'm flying from Marseilles?

Asked by JillFM (6points) March 22nd, 2010

I’m flying from Marseilles airport to Charles De Gaul airport in Paris. I only have an hour and 25 mins. till my flight to New York. Will I have to go through customs in Paris if I’m coming from Marseilles or will I just go through customs in Marseilles?

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You’ll go through immigration, where they’ll stamp your passport, and that’ll be it.

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If this is a transfer flight you will go through customs in Marseille and just wait at CDG before you board the next plane.

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You only go through customs when entering or leaving national territory, and an airport is part international territory. If you exit the airport and re-enter it 1:25 later, then you will go twice through customs there.

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You won’t have to find your bags, if thats what you’re asking. Your bags will be checked through to New York from Marseilles. You’ll go through Immigration because you’ll be going from a domestic flight to an International flight, so you’ll need to stand in line with your carry on and have your passport ready…. Make sure you stand in the right line… there will be lines for EU Members and NON-EU members… I guess you’re on a US passport so that would be NON EU members. If you run late, let the attendants know (you’ll see them, they’re in uniforms making sure everyone is doing as they’re told) what flight you are on (show them your boarding card if you have one) and they’ll let you go ahead. Ch.De Crap is a horrible airport. Happy and safe travels.

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@cazzie… all airports are horrible these days, in their own special ways.

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I like Minneapolis. It wasn’t horrible AT ALL. I’m going to use it as my final destination whenever I can now, instead of Chicago. It’s an international airport, you know. smiles

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@cazzie okay. I admit that I detest some airports less than others, but I haven’t seen an airport yet that I’ve “enjoyed” since 1972.

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You don’t go through customs leaving France; you go through customs coming in to the U.S. Your bags should be checked through and transferred to the international plane. However, you will have to go through security at CdG and it is very strict and time consuming. Also, there are several terminals at CdG and it can be a bitch to get from one to the other. You might want to scope out the terminal maps while on the flight from Marseilles to ensure you know where you are going.

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