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Has anybody made their own green screen?

Asked by trumi (6486points) March 22nd, 2010

I’ve heard from several people that there is no reason to save up for a super pricey green screen if you’re on a budget. Obviously those products will be less wrinkled, more responsive to lighting, more uniform color… but I just don’t have hundreds of dollars these days :P

Has anyone made their own green screen before? What kind of fabric did you use, and where did you get it? Good experience so far?

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I set up a polyester (I would imagine) green blanket across a wall, and I use it from time to time with iMovie. It doesn’t work perfectly, both because of wrinkles in the “green screen” and the fact that iMovie is not a very advanced software, but I would recommend it for those who make videos/movies as a hobby as opposed to a more serious thing

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Green cloth is the cheapest. Find the best chroma saturation of green.

Overlap the top and bottom of the cloth. Sew together having a “channel” then run a piece of PVC pipe through the top and bottom, when hung, will flatten out the wrinkles.

Or paint a wall.

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Mayhaps you can paint some large pieces of drywall green?

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There is a green screen paint available. There are youtube how-to’s.

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Man I just threw one away yesterday!

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They sell paint that you can use on any wall instead of buying an expensive screen. You have to light it just right, but should still work for a small personal project.

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