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What are popular names for elephants?

Asked by jaytkay (25765points) March 22nd, 2010

I WISH I were getting a real elephant, but sadly, not today.

However, I give all my computers elephant names. And I am setting up a new one today. Already used: Babar, Celeste, Dumbo, Ella, Ganesh, Jumbo.

Who are some well-known elephants?

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et al

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This page actually exists.

and I don’t mean that snarkily. I was just surprised there’s a famous elephants page.

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This page also actually exists.

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And phooey! on Edison!

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Babar- forgot about him.

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Hattie, in addition to the elephant listed on Wikipedia’s famous elephants page, was supposedly the name of an elephant in the Hattiesburg Zoo in Hattiesburg Mississippi that had a campaign for mayor of some sort.

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Full name: Chunky Monkey
Name: Chunky
Nickname: Chunk

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Lucy.The elephant in the Oliver Reed movie Hannibal Brooks.

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@ucme-Wot??? lol!
I think Steve is the most poplular name for an elephant.

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@ucme Lucy is also the name of the famous Margate, NJ elephant

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This is awesome! Keep ‘em coming!!

@Likeradar This page actually exists.
Holy moly! It’s kinda like Rule 34 – for elephant names!

Sad. RIP Topsy
In 1916 they hung a circus elephant in Tennessee for killing a man. I won’t link because the picture breaks my heart. RIP Mary the Elephant.

There’s another famous Lucy the Elephant I have to visit before I die. I bought blueprints to frame. Dang, where are those?

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Patty the Pachy.

You know, because they’re Pachyderms. Too sciency?

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Tarzan always favored the name “Tantor”, which was both used kind of generically and also as a name for the specific animal.

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@lucillelucillelucille It’s a pretty low key but very enjoyable British movie.Made in the late sixties if memory serves.Directed by Michael Winner.

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@jaytkay… checkout my post above yours regarding Lucy at Margate, NJ. It’s just a few miles from Atlantic City, NJ

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@jaytkay I have never met anyone into elephants before. (Well, we haven’t actually met.)
What a cool thing to be interested in.

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@jaytkay @njnyjobs A popular name then.

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Elle or Elly, or Ellie, or L, or E

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Has the Republican Party elephant got a name?Just wondered.

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@ucme-I haven’t seen that one.I probably won’t because elephants are crabby and they scare me ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille Their eyes freak the shit out of me.Tiny little piggy eyes,they always look like they’re plotting something.Like prancing on my head for instance.

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Check it out. Steve the Elephant is a super hero

Hey look, Tantor’s on a comic book cover, and they used me as a model for Tarzan . The resemblance is amazing!

Pachy, Patty, Pete, hmmmm

When I was five we went to see the circus, arriving at sunrise to see the elephants put up the tent poles. I fed them peanuts, and their trunks were wet on my palm like a dog’s nose.

My dream job is mahout.

Heffalump, Fred Fredburger, Floppy, Elle, hmmmm contenders, contenders.

Tiny that’s good, Babar is my favorite, I used it already

Funny – I had a little toy elephant collection and someone said to me, “a big Republican, eh?” and it took a minute for me to get it. I never made the connection before.

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@ChazMaz Google wants to show me “boxer” instead of “Bozer”
Maybe I have to buy some new underwear (totally SFW)

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@jaytkay Now we know what underware you wear.

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@ucme-They will jump on you while you are sleeping.
@jaykay-Told ya.

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I think I gave everyone a shoutout here, apologies if I missed you.

Oh, wait, I forgot @Snarp. Who rocks for giving me a great name for my new computer.

As a thank you to everyone here is a very large picture of an elephant swimming (1,790K)

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@jaytkay – There was a kids show, I do not remember the name of it.. With animal puppets and kids. It was kind of creepy.

There was a dance segment. Where this dancing elephant came out to dance with the kids. Some guy in an elephant costume. It would be announced… It’s BOZER! Real creepy. But I loved watching the show. One of those creepy have to watch type of things.

I am trying myself to find the show. Have not had much luck either.

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Pach (pronounced Pack), short for pachyderm.

… or Rufus.

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@ChazMaz Maybe it was the stereotypical creepy kiddie show guy – BOOZER!

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@lucillelucillelucille You are aware that rather pathetically i’ll hold that thought as i’m closing my eyes tonight are you not? “Pach” it in you’re scaring me.

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The elephant that was in our local zoo for as long as I can remember was named Ellen.

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@Allie Pach & Pachy sound too much like a ethnic slur my Canadian girlfriend taught me to avoid 20 years ago. Rufus is an excellent name, though

@Exhausted Our zoo elephant was Ella. Ellen much better to my ear. Cracks me up. Maybe because it’s more human?

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I’m diggin Rufus…..

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I like Rufus too.

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