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What could the spot on my neck be?

Asked by woolycow (18points) March 22nd, 2010

(Firstly sorry if this is a weird question but it is worrying me.)

I have a weird spot on my neck about the size of a fingernail (and a similar spot on my arm which no longer stings) which appeared within a day. It doesn’t hurt as per say but it stings if you press it. The strange thing is it is a bump in the skin which is not red or anything, it is just the same colour as the skin around it. Also if I press it it feels as it there is a ball under the skin…

Any ideas as to what this could be?

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There’s no way we can give you an answer. Go to your doctor or a dermatologist. We are in no position to diagnose anything on anyone.

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Tumor. Just kidding! Go to a dr.

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@chyna LOL…you’re so encouraging! ;-)

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what kind of ball?.. baseball, basketball, golf, biilard . . .

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Skin issues are common. See your dermatologist.
I guarantee that making an appointment today will make you feel better than anything any of us can tell you. Even if there are doctors here, they can’t make a blind diagnosis.

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Well, it could be an insect bite (or larva), or it could be a cyst, or it could be a tumor, or it could be something we haven’t even thought of before.

Or maybe you were abducted by aliens (or the NSA) and you now have microchips implanted subcutaneously.

You could go to a doctor and find out for real, or you could post on any number of Q&A sites, and one of the answers you get could be the right one.

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It sounds like a ganglion cyst but you do want a dermatologist or internist to see it. I have several. They are subcutaneous, symmetrical and can be rolled around without pain.

I have one under a foot and three on my hands. They don’t hurt and are not unsightly.

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