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If you were somehow forced to live in a nudist colony, how long would it take for you to adjust?

Asked by MissAusten (16132points) March 22nd, 2010

Would you feel comfortable right away, or do you think you would never get used to being naked all of the time? What would be some challenges to doing all of your daily activities naked, and what things might be easier? This is just a random thing that popped into my head. I am not considering moving to a nudist colony.

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It would take me about two hours – enough time to figure out how to cook without an apron, and to notice how many other old baggy people were just not worried.

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probably about 22 minutes…. I would feel at home probably

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Apparently they don’t allow erections.Sadly that immediately rules me out i’m afraid.

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I think I could get used to it unless I had to stay naked in my workshop. I don’t think I could get used to saw dust and splinters showing up on delicate parts. Biking might also be a problem. I also hate the cold so the nudist (City?) would have to be warm year round.

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I’d be comfortable. I’d also be staring at everyone out of fascination of the different body types. Does that make me weird?

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I doubt I would feel comfortable right away. Very few people have seen me naked; I am fairly private about it. Not because I’m uncomfortable with my naked body, I just reserve it for a special someone…

It sounds like fun just because it is so different and I’m not a big fan of some of the gymnophobic tendencies of this country.

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It’d depend on the other properties of the community. If they were all beautiful healthy women who liked me, I’d be set, though the definition of “adjustment” isn’t clear. I’m not willing to hypothesize about other potential naked communities and the time it might take me to adjust to them. ;-)

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They wouldn’t have to force me. I’d be fine with it.

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I would never adjust. I would walk around with Lysol and bleach washing everything before I sat down. I would probably have to get my own portable stool to sit on. Ewww

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@ucme How can you not allow erections? How does the issue even – err, come up?

It would take me about 30 minutes; looking around and seeing that everyone else is as floppy as me.

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I would love it. I’m naked in my apartment all the time anyway and I’ve been nude in front of an audience before.
My only problemo would be all of the old naked farts running around. I don’t need to see 471 shriveled ball sacks daily, but I’d adjust.

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I think I’d be all right.
@ucme It’s not an erection, it’s a towel holder.

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The term is “Clothing optional”. You don’t have to be naked. Drive around a “nudist colony”, and have a gander at the hairy old men mowing the lawn in nothing but a wife-beater.

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I was going to say I’d adapt pretty quickly until I saw the first answer about cooking without an apron. I hope they don’t assign me to the deep fat fryer.

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… about as long as it would take me to strip my clothes and say “phwew.”

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@janbb They actually have a code of conduct prohibiting any erections.Keep that up & you’re outta there.

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@mrentropy Or a sundial.

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@ucme I’ve heard rumours of people carrying around hats for just such a purpose.

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I’d be looking for the first car out.

The rest of my body, no worries, but the girls need protection and restraint.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

<——- Nope. I’d be the party pooper wearing clothes. You don’t get to see my stuff so easily.

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I would adjust as soon as i could get my clothes off . i love to be naked. if feels great

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@Seek_Kolinahr Yeah but becomes a problem at volleyball or tennis.

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Question is not how long it would take ME to adjust, question how long it would take the others to adjust to the horrendous sight of me prancing around in this birthday suit!!!!!!

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I don’t think I could do it.

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Not a problem for us, as soon as you come in the front door clothing is optional and sharing is encouraged!

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Volleyball I can see, but I can see someone being accused of cheating at tennis. ^_^

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Ouch! That ball was on the line.

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@Seek_Kolinahr ; I you play tennis then perhaps trying not go below the belt is advisable.

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I think I would love it. But if there was someone there I fancied I’d be shy !

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I just realized golf would take some adjustment. I always carry a couple of extra balls, tees, markers, ballmark repair tool, score card, and a few other items in my pockets.

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If Bar Refaeli lived there I would be able to adjust must quicker.

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It actually would be very confusing for a penis,I mean one minute you’re stood to attention at the sight of gorgeous naked girls.The next, bearing down on you is some fat, ugly, wrinkly, hillbillie’s wet dream.I’d imagine it would be up & down more often than is healthy.

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@Just_Justine I’ll leave it to your imagination. I’m either hung well enough and wouldn’t be able to look in the briars along the rough or I have a bad slice.

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Sometime past the end of my life.

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I think a loin cloth would be a fair compromise.

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I were raised by a Mormon, 7th day adventist and a baptist. I’m uncomfortable with letting people see my chest and feet, let alone the whole tired, pasty, malnourished package.

I give it about a year and a half. I’m still young, so adjusting comes a bit quicker than elders.

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About 5 minutes. I’m almost always naked anyway. Nudity means nothing to me.

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Depends on how many stairs I have to climb to find the stripper pole.

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There’s an adjustment period?

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For me it would all depend on the temp and amount of available shade. I’d burn easy down there and cold is not good for the presentation part.

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@janbb I’m known as “Button” in the winter!! lol!

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Oh, oh – tmi, button!

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40 pounds!

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Not a problem for me. I love to be naked, I am always naked at home and just went to a nudist resort last week and had a great time :-)

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You guys crack me up.

I’d be very self-conscious for a long time. Maybe forever. This question wasn’t totally random, actually, because I recently read “Naked” by David Sedaris and it got me thinking about what it would be like to go around doing my daily thing buck nekkid.

Baking cookies, not so bad. Playing soccer in the back yard with the kiddies, probably bad. It makes me feel cold just to think about it. Then, there are the bugs in the summer. Ticks are a real problem around here, not to mention mosquitoes. Naked treadmill sounds very uncomfortable, and so does naked gardening. I’d also go broke on sunscreen, since I am maybe the whitest person alive. I guess my entire body would get as freckled as my arms, shoulders, and face already are. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that I’d get over the awkwardness of being unclothed around other unclothed people much faster than I’d get used to the inconvenience of daily life in the nude.

@Shae Sitting areas would give me the heebie jeebies too!

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I’d enjoy it except when my puppy gets fixated on licking… Keeping him away from my feet and arms is hard enough {shudders at the thought of getting a doggy butt wipe}.

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@wilma You promised me you wouldn’t say that in public!! ;D

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@Cruiser You are so screwed around here now.

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@Cruiser it’s not winter, so your safe now. ;)

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@janbb Just for that I am not gonna tell you what they call me in the summer! lol!

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@Cruiser-Red buttons??—put your pants on or wear a dab of sunblock-LOL!

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@lucillelucillelucille The tiny drink umbrellas work just fine for that!

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What do you do with the handle?

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Oh my goodness. I’d be a hermit. For sure. haha

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@meagan Okay now I’m going to make the comment I had in mind for your other question. I was going to ask if you like to come to our club.

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@meagan Sorry, but when you gave out your measurements I thought, she’d make a great addition here. I’ve been in the doghouse enough times, but I never learn.

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Exposing my body to other people, I would adapt fairly quickly I think. Exposing my body to the great British climate, never.

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Forced? I can’t imagine being forced. I’d have my clothes off before they could get me there.

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