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What's the cheapest way to send text messages (SMS) between consumers in the US & UK?

Asked by bphillips (5points) March 22nd, 2010

I have a friend in the UK. I’d like to be able to exchange text messages (SMS) with them cheaply (or free). I have an iPhone, they do not.

If there’s no good SMS solution, I’d also consider creative alternate suggestions, e.g. use AIM with push notifications.

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sign-up for a Yahoo Messenger acct and register each of your cell numbers to each of your YM accounts. You can then SMS locally at both ends when you’re signed in as mobile.

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Use Yahoo email service !

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Twitter direct messages are pretty good. They’re free to receive, in the UK at least.

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Re: google voice: “Google Voice SMS doesn’t support sending and receiving SMS from international numbers at this time. You can only send and receive SMS to phone numbers in the U.S.”

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@elenuial do you know of a way for uk twitter users to get SMS alterts of new DMs…through twitter or a 3rd party?

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@bphillips Ooh, sorry. My mistake.

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