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Is it all about "Who" you know, or about "What" you know?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30877points) March 22nd, 2010

Yes yes there are combinations of each. But in the big picture, as to the ultimate comfort level of your own life, which is more important about your knowledge, the Who’s or the What’s?

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The what’s.

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This has been discussed in detail not too long ago in one shape or form.

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In my line of work it’s the who’s, unfortunately.

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Yes, unfortunately most times it is the connections!

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Who usually gets you in the door. What keeps you there.

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Since don’t know many who’s, it better be the what’s. But it’s not even so much what you know as whether you can communicate what you know in a convincing way.

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The Who’s, because I’m pretty stupid.

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I think it’s “Who x What”. If either is truly zero you’ve got zero.

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It’s who hands down. If you can advertise yourself and have people to do the same, you can make it no matter what anywhere. Outside of fields of intense hyper-specialization, substance doesn’t matter.

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Social connections can be important for getting a job, but there are cases where even then, what you know is what keeps you employed.

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It’s about who knows what.

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See this

He knew people – didn’t help him.

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