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Have you ever witnessed a robbery?

Asked by FutureMemory (24481points) March 22nd, 2010

It’s sad that I have to preface my question with this, but I do not mean high prices at the grocery store or gas pump – I’m talking about a couple bad guys brandishing weapons – a real robbery.
If you have, what were the circumstances? Did you stick around or hightail it out of there? Did you have the urge to intervene? What emotions did you feel? Were you traumatized by the event?

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We got robbed at knife point and A-hole took her necklace and oddly didn’t ask for my wallet so I just threw a $20.00 at him when he said give me your money and he ran off.

Yeah it was a bit scary when having been trained in Martial arts I was in adrenaline overdrive waiting for that split moment of attack that never came.

Traumatized no. Actually laughed later about it.

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I’ve been mugged at gunpoint. I do live in Brooklyn, after all.

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When I saw this question I thought I hadn’t, but, come to think of it, yes, I have. It was done in the commission of a beating.

I was a sophomore eating in the lunch room at my high school, and could see outside to the park behind the school through the big floor-to-ceiling windows. I never ate outside, or I probably would’ve been assaulted. There were concrete areas of blocks and pathways in the park. 6 or 7 rough-looking boys came into the park one day right up to another little guy, and all of them except one proceeded to beat the crap out of him. They didn’t go to our school.

As the “kicker”, the largest boy, who was probably about 6’4”, shoved the little guy onto the ground on his face, then proceeded to pick him up from the back of his collar and waistline, hoist him above his head and drop him on the ground 2 or 3 times, right on the concrete. His wallet came out of his pocket, and a boy who I presume was the leader of this little gang opened it, took the money out and threw it at the kid.

While the whole thing was happening, nobody dared move. The security guys were a few moments too late to have stopped it, and got there as the boys were leaving. The entire incident only lasted a couple of minutes. It was that day I looked into transferring schools.

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I’m trying to remember if they had weapons, I’m pretty sure they had knives…but one day when I was a pre-teen, I was riding bikes around the neighborhood with my brother and we were jumped by two guys. They shoved my brother off his bike and I recall his leg still being attached and him fighting back. It was super scary, and we got to a house and a nice lady called the cops for us and took us in.
It didn’t traumatize me. It did suck though.

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I’ve been lucky enough to say no, and I hope I never do.

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It’s not quite the same as your example, but I have been home when our home was burgled. It was around New Year’s, I was sleeping in very late, around 11, woke up to a guy coming into my room. In my sleepy state, I sat up, assumed it was one of my brother’s friends (I’ve never met my brother’s friends, I don’t think he has that many, and they never come to our house) and went back to sleep.

My other brother and I actually spent some time preparing and eating lunch before we realised that someone had broken our door open (letting in a couple of birds who had left feathers and poo everywhere) and stolen the xbox and a meat cleaver.

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Yes, Ive watched my dad file his taxes several times.

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