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What is wrong with me?

Asked by miichellee (11points) March 22nd, 2010

I cry nearly every night, my sleeping and eating habits have recently changed rapidly. I feel guilty, worthless, hopeless and that there is nothing left for me. I’m always nice to people and feel they mistake my kindness for weakness. I have my best friends but i can’t talk to them about this. When i wake up i can barely find the will or energy to get out of bed or to eat. I don’t want to do anything, everything that i was interested in before seems pointless and uninteresting and i just really don’t know what to think anymore, or what to do with myself, I don’t think it’s depression because when i have tried to talk to mum i mentioned it and she just laughed at me and said i was overeacting. I do everything very slowly as i just can’t be bothered instead of going out and haveing fun like i used to i just want to lay in my bed and listen to songs like everything by lifehouse, possibilities by lykke Li and songs like that, whereas i used to be into drum and bass and dubstep! DRAMATIC CHANGE!!! What the fuck is wrong with me?

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Ignore what your mom says. You are definitely depressed.

Please talk to a school counselor about your symptoms.

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Sounds like you’re very depressed. Want to talk about it?

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I’m doing a whole research paper on college depression (and depression in general). I would definitely go look for some help. This is almost exact textbook depression. It couldn’t hurt to talk to someone, and if you are overreacting, then I’m sure they’ll let you know and there will be no harm done.

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Sounds like depression to me. However I am not a qualified mental health professional, and neither is your mother. Do you have a counselor at school you could talk to? Is there any way you could talk to your family doctor?

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It sounds like you have depression. I feel like that all the time and I was told by my therapist that I have depression.

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Depression through and through.

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I’m hearing everyone say depression and I would have to agree friend. But there is the possibility is not of the chronic variety.

Try going outside, doing something you like, and listening to the breeze. That usually helps me. If not, check with a councilor, they are “professionals” at this sort of thing.

Hope you feel better soon good chap.

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It sounds like depression. Your mum might be responding like that because to admit that you could be depressed would in her mind would acknowledge that she is doing something wrong. I’m not sure if that made sense.

Talk to your doctor about this. Even if you have to fake “girl problems” to get your mom to take you in to see them.

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You’re depressed.

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You are suffering from clinical depression. See a doctor. And yes, get out in the fresh air, take long walks, there is good science that exercise can be effective in reducing the symptoms of depression, but see a doctor. It’s nothing to mess around with. And yes, if it takes making up something to get to the doctor, do it. You’re mother could never live with herself this turned out badly. Mother’s can be in denial sometimes.

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Well you can’t completely make that assessment. Only a qualified professional can say whether it’s clinical or just some garden variety depression.

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@SeventhSense No, I can’t but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck… anyway, I believe I mentioned that she should see a doctor, as I am not one. Whatever is going on is pretty serious. She most certainly needs to see a qualified professional. And “garden variety” depression, whatever that is, still needs attention.

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Well there could be some specific circumstances that are realistically contributing towards her depression and once they’re cleared up she maybe OK. I tell you her mother sounds like mine. That woman could make any person depressed.

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@SeventhSense “I feel guilty, worthless, hopeless… i can barely find the will or energy to get out of bed or to eat. I don’t want to do anything, everything that i was interested in before seems pointless and uninteresting…” The symptoms couldn’t be much more textbook. I don’t think that here mother is causing this.

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No I’m not saying that. I’m just being silly. But in our current age we are constantly looking to psychoanalyze or medicate everything. People can become seriously depressed for legitimate reasons. if you lose your job, boyfriend/girlfriend/ someone dies you can be seriously depressed. There’s nothing abnormal or clinical about that. It’s quite normal and healthy to have certain responses. Sometimes a change in circumstances, exercise or lifestyle is sufficient. I’m not trying to steer her towards or away from medication either. It’s just premature and irresponsible to make an assessment based on zero observation and scant information except for what she’s told us.

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thanx guys, guessing that there iss a chance of depression! great, and seventh sense the mother doesn’t help LOL

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Ya it sucks when you tell someone you feel like shit and they’re like, “Oh you’re fine.” It’s like WTF. That can piss you off too. And there is a theory that depression can be repressed anger. So sometimes it helps to get in touch with some of that.

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Agreed with the majority here… I think you need to get help.

It could just be that your mother is in denial and doesn’t want to accept it, so she just brushes it off and tells you to toughen up. This isn’t working for you – go to school counselors, look for those help hot-lines, try to get into a doctor, etc. BE VERY SKEPTICAL ABOUT MEDICATION! Try to find some sort of therapist who will talk to you about your problems and try to get you back on track.

In the meantime, I suggest going for long walks or for a long jog. Find some good books and do some reading. If you’re into sports, play them. Play some video games. Find a hobby that interests you and do it – you need an outlet. Sitting in your room is only allowing your negative thoughts muster.

Otherwise, what’s really wrong? Try to delve deep into your brain – why are you crying? Where do you want your life to be? What needs to change?

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indeed, i asked her about and this is what she said “whyy can’t you just let something be about me i’m the one with depression not you, your overeacting” WTF how sad can you get to actually want it?

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in all honesty, if i knew where i wanted my life to be i would be there or on my way, but i really dont want to do anything, nothing interests me. ive tried councelling before when i was 12 and 14 and it didnt help

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Nothing interests you, what so ever? You listen to a particular kind of music – that’s an interest. Is it that you can’t find any interests or that you can’t assess them?

Perhaps a better question is where dont you want your life to be going?

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Oh Jesus she sounds like my Mom. She may be a narcissist. Look into that too. You can save yourself years of heartache and frustration. The problem may not be you. The problem may be her and you can find no relief and it drives you mad because you’re the parent and she’s the kid.

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oh indeed im very much in love with myself :| most definitely a narcissist.

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I had an answer all typed out, but given that last answer of @michellee,‘s I’m not certain her mother hasn’t hijacked the computer/account. :(

Whatever the case is, @michellee, you (or your daughter) needs to see a mental health professional very seriously. Depression is not something to play around with.

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oh no i didnt read it properly! i thought he was talking about me? wtf sorry!!

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@miichellee Everyone’s a little self-interested, but your mother may honestly have some issues of her own. You really need to go see someone and be open and honest with them, and you can’t wait for her to give you the okay.

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It helps to remember that “Emotion” is related to the word “Motion”. They’re there to get you from the situation, mindset, viewpoint, you are in, to the place you should be, for yourself.

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miichellee, So sorry to hear you are unwell. I had severe major depression for 2 years. What you need to know is it is not just about feeling disgustingly down. It also entails confusion, not being able to sleep or sleeping too much, lack of concentration, feeling isolated, eating too much or too little, memory loss, no motivation and a “cottonwool” feeling in your head. I still have bouts of it but not as bad as it once was. It is so important that you SEE A DOCTOR, or even better, get your doctor to refer you to a specialist. My specialist told me the most important thing is to get your sleep pattern back to normal…and fast. There are herbal treatments on the market like St John’s Wort but these do not work for everyone. Please, just be sure that if you are prescribed medication that you do not stop taking it suddenly as the results can be catastrophic. Also don’t mix medication with herbal treatments.

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Oh, and a couple of other things. People like your mum have most probably never been depressed and she finds it hard to understand. This is a common problem. If you had support from your family it would be so much easier. Just remember, most depressive episodes are just that….episodes. If you do have to go on medication you will feel better within a week. Once your brain gets used to being normal again you will most probably be able to stop the medication and will most probably never get the depression back. So, it’s not all doom and gloom although it feels like it at the time. I know what you are going through and I empathize with you. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You are young and I am sure you will make a full recovery. If you need any more information please don’t hesitate to contact me. YOU WILL BE FINE!

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Maybe a pet can motivate your life and increase your self-confident. A trusted creature that love and understand you. And you’ll do everything you could do to live happily with it. You can’t depend your life on other people around you who don’t understand/care about you. You can eat healthy food and jogging each day to make you healthier and think fresher.

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I’m sorry to say your mum is what my dad calls ‘a know-all know nothing’. You are displaying classic signs of depression.

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