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Skinny jeans but yet kind of loose, where can I find these?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) March 22nd, 2010

I’ve been looking for skinny jeans that aren’t tight but it’s yet loose. Like skater boys skinny jeans but for girls.

Do you know where I can find these kind of skinny jeans?

I have a picture that I found on the internet and this girl is/seems like she’s wearing skinny jeans but it’s not tight ass hell, it’s still loose:

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You could try different cuts other than skinny like boot cut or straight leg.

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American Eagle’s straight leg jeans are a nice “skinny but loose” fit.

Edit: The AE website’s pictures make them seem really tight. But they’re not!

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Find a pair you like and buy one size up.

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Old Navy

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I have jeans like that from hollister. I’m really skinny and I fit a size 0 so I just get a size 1 instead. It’s not a big difference but the jeans are not super tight and they’re not really that loose either

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I have some pretty nice skinny’s from Garage. They’re torn up like that picture, and not supremely tight as well. Try larger sizes maybe? Straight legs are nice, as @lilikoi mentioned.

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in my closet, after my two pregnancies, :)

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Gap has a new limited edition style called slouchy skinny. I think they’re better in person than in the picture, fwiw.
I like skinny/straight leg jeans but my curves make me look like an inverted triangle with a sausage bottom in them. Then I found these, and I love them. They give the skinny/straight jean effect without being too tight. And they run a little big.

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I have jeans like that from Macy’s.

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Ernest Sewn and JBrand are at the top of the list. They’re pretty expensive, though.

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I was going to suggest Hot Topic; my daughter gets great skinny jeans there. (She, however, has incredibly thin thighs.) Gap jeans usually fit a variety of body types well.

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