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Are you curious about what the U-2 spyplane can (still) do?

Asked by kevbo (25644points) March 22nd, 2010

One of my longtime friends is a U-2 pilot, which amazingly is still flying. It’s insane what this thing can do and the dangers associated with flying it. Also, the pilots can’t take a dump until they get back on the ground.

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I hear that on a U2 spyplane, that it’s regulation to have “Where the Streets Have No Name” playing continuously.

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You know what’s even cooler and better than the U-2? The SR-71 Blackbird.

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Yeah, I don’t doubt it, but it’s also not flying currently.

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Great and fascinating article, thanks for the link.

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@gorillapaws, you’re welcome… they don’t mention that it lands on two wheels like a bicycle. A chase vehicle has to talk it down for the last few feet until it lands.

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From what I’ve been told by some of my fellow Air Force members, the chase vehicles are driven by U-2 pilots talking to the pilot landing the plane.

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Why bother with that ancient thing. Reapers are where it’s at. They did however take a lot of skill to fly. Also didn’t they wear adult diapers in case nature called?

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@Captain_Fantasy perhaps Pride (in the name of Love) should be broadcast to all military radio frequencies, until people get the point or so sick of Bono they go AWOL.

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I hear it still hasn’t found what it’s looking for.

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