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Just curious... Whats the grosses thing you have ever tried to eat? Why did you do it? What did it taste like?

Asked by crazerishpsyco (42points) March 23rd, 2010

Okay, so I know, I’m a weird child… I’m reminded all the time. I was just wondering if there are others like me… I like doing experiments and tasting things, just out of curiosity. I really don’t care what it is and also depends whats around me and how bored I am. Like I have tried numerous things (markers, glue, catnip, coffee & orange juice, chocolate & broccoli) and etc… I know it’s not good as I always have a stomach, but if you don’t try things in life than whats the point?

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Try a durian. It’s like an onion-vomit smoothie in fruit form.

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In Beijing last summer I ate sheep penis, snake, scorpion… The sheep penis was a bit hard digest… and I felt sick after eating it. The fried little scorpions were also nasty even if they tasted like popcorn.

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Brownlemur… I’ve never got the guts to try that… the smell is so sick… my dads been trying to get me to eat that since I was little.

Jazzjeppe… how could you eat that?! did you know you were eating that? or did you find out after you ate it?

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I like a lot of weird food.
For example, I love raw fish plates.
Sashimi, fish eggs, octopus, etc.
There’s not much that grosses me out, but I can’t stand sauerkraut and lamb. * gags. *

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Rattlesnake tail, I guess.

I liked it though. Really does taste like chicken.

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Vunessuh… I’ve tired fish eggs… bleh

Fiddle Playing Creole Bastard… frog legs taste like chicken too, like the name by the way.

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My favorite food when I was a kid was saltines and ketchup. Then raspberries/cheese and doritos/coolwhip.

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Weirdest thing I ever swallowed was not on purpose.

I was 12, and a second molar was starting to raise up to the gum line. Due to a high fever I’d had in childhood, the tooth was rotted before it ever came in, so I needed to have oral surgery to have it extracted. This left a flap of gum skin about the thickness of a pencil eraser hanging by a thread in the back of my mouth.

One day when I was eating a burrito, it was there when I started eating, but gone when I finished. Does that make me a cannibal?

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@crazerishpsyco, thank you! I’ve had frog legs too. I think they are yummy. Snake tail is a little bit more… rubbery though.

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Anchovies. For allergic reason. It was an accident. And it taste like….

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The worst thing I ever tried to drink was urine. My mother was punishing me, by making me stay in a closet. She forced me to go without fluids for days, and she hadn’t used the money my father gave her to pay the electric bill, so we had no air conditioning, either. It was REALLY hot and stuffy in the closet beause of all the clothes, but I wasn’t even allowed out to go to the bathroom. I ended up trying to drink my urine, but it turned my stomach so bad that it made me throw up really badly.

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Bacon. Some slimey, gooey substance with a disgusting taste. Always brings me close to vomiting.

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Haggis- I was in Scotland and had to try their national dish… Don’t know what was worse/ the taste or the texture… It was like a crusted grey lump of gritty mush… Eurgh!

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When I was a toddler I would eat butter right out of the tub lol, and also just straight up slices of cheese. I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years now, and a year ago I ate one shrimp (which I used to like) as a test to see if I could stand it, and benefit from the healthiness of seafood (I tried!). Believe it or not it was just about as gross as anything I’ve ever eaten. (most people refuse to believe a former meat eater could so suddenly be grossed out by meat, fish, animal flesh – but it’s true).

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@brownlemur People in south east Asia love to eat Durian. They say it’s sweet and smeel good. You have to get used to it to love it. Although I don’t like to eat it myself.

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I’ve tried eating oatmeal cooked with water when I had run out of milk. Blech.

I’ve also absent-mindedly put some soap in my mouth by mistake when I was a kid. That wasn’t very tasty either. I don’t recommend it.

And champagne. And alcoholic beverages in general, with just a few exceptions. I just can’t stand the taste or smell of alcohol. It makes me feel nauseous.

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I just had to take a dare.

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My step-mom is from this country called “Trinidad and Tobago”. As you may have guessed, it is 2 islands under the same government. Tobago is what comes to mind when you think of an “Island Paradise”, and Trinidad is basically a third world country (Or, as close as I have ever been to one). Since my step-mom lived on Trinidad as a child, we never got to go to Tobago. Anyway, in a club in Tobago, I told my step-mom I was really hungry, and she called for the waitress-person to “Git dis kit some pooding” (Trinidadians have a very strong accent, she meant “Get this kid some pudding”.) I thought she was going to get me chocolate pudding, so when she brought back a bowl, I was happy I was finally getting something to eat. The club was dark, so I didn’t see what I was really eating.

Turns out “Pooding”, better known as “Blood Pudding”, is made of a pigs drained blood and intestines in a bowl, along with various internal organs for extra flavor.

This is one of the reasons I became a vegetarian 0_o

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I clearly remember the cake my father baked that tasted like soap.

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The weirdest thing I’ve probably ever eaten, and it isn’t even completely weird, is Escargo (snails) at a restaurant. I was hooked that first time out and now I eat them whenever I go to a locale that offers them as an appetizer.

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@crazerishpsyco I wanted to eat it :) I just couldn’t go back home from China without telling everyone I ate crazy things.

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The worst thing I ever ate was an earthworm. (Before everyone freaks out, tell me you didn’t do stupid things for a dare when you were 12).

@brownlemur Durian is good with vanilla ice cream, in very small quantities.

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Fine, fine Navy chow!

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I once enjoyed half a salad before I realized it was loaded with slugs…fresh live slugs! I had no one else to blame as I had picked the lettuce out of my garden that morning. Yum!

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Yesterday I ate a clove of garlic for medical purposes and it was totally gross and my stomach is still aching from it

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@xRIPxTHEREVx I did that once, it came with a Hungarian bread that I ate, and I didn’t recognise it as garlic until it was too late thanks to my terrible sense of smell. Eat a lot of fresh parsley, and the effects won’t be so bad or last as long.

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I know a guy who once drank a pint of hot beer. As in, coffee-temperature. I have absolutely no intention of beating him in a ‘who has eaten the grossest thing’ competition.

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Raw oysters, like eating snot.

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I spent over 2 weeks in China, and ate Monkey Hide, water fungus, slugs, rat, and lots of disgusting things. But I never ate 144 of them, so I guess the grosses thing I eat is M&M’s.
But the water fungus was probably the grossest.

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It’s funny how some things I read here aren’t weird at all for me…

Am I weird?

Raw oysters: love it. Best I’ve had was in New Orleans.
Scorpions: Had in Shanghai – Yum – didn’t taste very different except its scorpion. If you just don’t think about what you’re eating, you would think its popcorn!

@jazzjeppe Did you eat that silk worm thing they had next to the scorpions? I was going to but then they told me it squirts out a juice and I got too freaked out… Yeah… I’m a failure. I also didn’t eat the seahorse out of principle.

Frog Legs: Too mundane…
Sashimi: Too much of it (we have great selection here in NYC!) BUT I only recently had truly raw octopus. And @Vunessuh – Have you tried Lobster Sashimi? Funny story, I had it with my ex and as we were eating the sashimi, the lobster’s antennae moved – it freaked her out.

Durian… my arch nemesis – I have never been able to eat it. My sister and mom love it and every time – I think it just smells like cat piss. But since everyone says its soooo good – I really tried to eat it. I was just never able to put it in my mouth.

Kudos to the: dirt, urine, earthworm. I don’t think I’d be able to do that. And yeah… no penis for me either… but you know, I think I’d have that over earthworm… Earthworm hotpot… yum!!!

Okay weird stuff not listed here yet – @filmfann did you try any of these yet in china?
Bird’s nest (Bird’s saliva), and worm grass (summer its a grass, winter its a worm – yeah grossed me out too…).

And cause we are talking about disgusting foods: This link show’s’s 6 most terrifying foods. Yum!!!

@filmfann what is water fungus? I feel like I’ve had it.. is it the same as wood ears?

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Anyone else here from the South were boiled okra is like some kind of delicacy?

Talk about your aversion to texture – slimy medium with the soft little seeds in there – like sucking on the nose of someone with a bad cold!

Sorry for the mental image there, but if you’ve never seen/ate it, you really need a description to appreciate why I can’t stand the stuff.

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Oh, and how could I forget – BRUSSELL SPROUTS!!

My Dad used to make me eat those barf balls everytime my mother cooked ‘em, even though it always ended with me getting physically sick at the table.

Then he’d snatch me up and spank me!

Can you believe that?

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@stratman37 You’re right – Okra always tasted funny to me… bleh.

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I like okra—needs ketchup or tomato sauce. And Brussel sprouts are better if they’re not overcooked, with butter and salt. But the rest of the stuff on this page——NO WAY!!!

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I’m always eating crow.

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@phillis I am so sorry. I can’t imagine what that must be of been like for you. How people can do that, especially a parent, is beyond me.

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If you paid me a million I will not eat a runny egg. Like most people eat. Now that is fear factor stuff loll.

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salmonella be damned, but I think runny egg yolk is one of the best things on the planet.

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@ragingloli – right on, right on, right ON!

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@Dibley It’s okay now, but it wasn’t then, of course. I did get over it. I don’t know how anybody can be that evil, either. All I know is that it was a choice she made consistently.

@stratman37 I’m with you on that one! It’s not the taste so much as the consistency that gets you, right? Yuck!! You’re description is perfect. Next time, be a real southerner and eat it fried. Mmmm….I can feel those arteries clogging as we speak!

@AstroChuck Keep your fork out of my crow, and I promise to share my salt with you :)

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@phillis that’s about the only way I can tolerate it. That and boiled tasteless in a gumbo.

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I seem to spend a lot of time with my foot in my mouth. Does that count as eating?

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Yes, I had birds nest soup. I don’t remember reacting strongly to it.
The water fungus looked like a sea slug. I have no idea what it was.

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@filmfann OHHH I know what you’re talking about now… when you bite into it, does like all the soup it was in ooze out?

Yeah – it’s a weird texture – but it’s still yummy! Unless we’re talking about other stuff…

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When I was a teenager, some people held me down and put a raw oyster in my mouth. I didn’t taste it or swallow it. I was quite sick afterwards. I never liked those people again. I didn’t take it very well.

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wow!!! and I thought I ate weird things… ^_^ yay! I’m not the only one. Some of this stuff you guys said I don’t think I could ever try it or eat it…

@stratman37- brussell sprouts are sick!!! I always refuse to eat them that my mom stopped buying them.

@filmfann- some of those things I’ve never heard of but they sound gross…

@slick44 & @thriftymaid – raw oysters or oysters… I’ve never been able to eat them; they just look gross and thriftymaid I wouldn’t like them again either.

@xRIPxTHEREVx- ewww I bite into one before it was sick.

@Arp- oh sick!!!! I would have totally barfed… just thinking about it makes my stomach turn.

@Cruiser- mmm slug salad… how did the slugs taste? slimy and chewy?

@AstroChuck- crow? hows it taste?...

@jerv- bet thats tasty not… I tried a heaters meal before… my Step dad said thats what they eat sometimes… there pretty gross.

@Bluefreedom- Snails sounds gross… bleh

@lucillelucillelucille- dirt isn’t to bad…

@Fyrius- oatmeal all together is sick… soap is gross… I was at my aunts and when you walk in theres a dish and it looks like candy! but it’s sooo not candy, I found out the hard way and popped a piece in my mouth… mmm salty, soap, smelling thingys… the flavor wouldn’t leave my mouth! I think any alcohol drink taste gross, than again I don’t mind the fruity ones…

@phillis- im sorry to hear that (hugs) I’ve heard urine is salty tasting… yuck

@dalepetrie- that sounds sick… I’m not sure if that counts as you being a cannibal but if you want it to be than it can be :)

@Doctor_D- anchovies, ewww! they smell bad…

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard- welcome and maybe I’ll try that one day… if i can get the guts.

@jazzjeppe- oh ok, ^_^ I think it’s awesome you tried them.

wow thats a long thingy…

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Balut – I think that is how it is spelled. It is a boiled/pickled half grown duck embryo. I was in the PI visiting my navy cousin and got triple dog dared.

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@WestRiverrat Was it good? Full-grown duck is good, but I have no idea how it compares to duck embryo.

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I thought it was nasty.

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@WestRiverrat- ive seen my dad eat that… it makes me wanna puke

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This is going to make me sound like a wimp, but I’m a texture guy and hate avacados and mangos for that reason.

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Either something off the dollar menu from McDonalds or Applebee’s.
Pizza Hut also ranks high.

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@majorrich- yuck avacados… mangos on the other hand mmm

@Mike_Hunt – fast food usually is sick…

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Gross, grosser, grossest. Superlative.

This thread is ready for some anal-grammar time, right?

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