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Ok I need help fellow fluther gamers or FPS heads what game should I choose?

Asked by Disaster_Porn (343points) March 23rd, 2010

So I got a little extra cash and games to trade..

There is couple games I’m looking at but which one would you get and why?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Help me out here which one takes the cake in the end eh??....I will probably buy both at one point but just got enough cash to blow for one right now.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 hands down. Huge amount of players, great maps, game modes, and graphics. Probably the best shooter on the market today!

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Honestly I haven’t played BC but I think you should rent both then decide. They play differently and the gameplay focus is different in each.

For the record, MW2 has disgusting lag problems if you get a less than perfect host. The maps are in most cases unbalanced, some cases way too camp- happy. In fact the maps are so crappy many people will quit immediately upon seeing certain maps about to play, not even waiting to see if it gets voted down. The killstreaks can be severely overpowered if no one is attempting to take them down (witch is the majority of the time). The game also has way too many exploits and horrible hit detection with the snipers.

Don’t let the hype get to you; rent each and figure out witch you like because you find it enjoyable as opposed to being told to like.

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I have played both. Modern warfare 2 is more individual, sure you can clan up and paly as a team but that is hard to organise. It is however the best FPS on the market, the graphics, gameplay, playability, everything is much better then BF:BC. But in battlefield you can squad up easily and spawn on squad members

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MW2 but if you’re going online with this prepare to be owned.See ya out there,maybe.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Modern warfare 2 is crap but they spent so much money on the advertising and the hype that everyone feels the need to go along with it in case they seem weird.

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Oh man you guys got me crushed here haha suppose itd be best if I go and rent them before I make a final decision thanks for all the input fellas, cheers.

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@Lightlyseared No, I play it because it’s a fucking good game.

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If you already own Modern Warfare 1, go with Battlefield. MW2 is an amazing game, and it’s probably better developed than Bad Company, but the gameplay is pretty similar to MW1, and that’s what matters to me.

I also prefer the online community for BF as opposed to MW. Not too much stress on doing everything right.

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@Lightlyseared advertising any product that is crap, let alone a game, will not produce the sales and status that MW2 has earned. There is a reason it is so popular, it is good plain and simple.

Rough time online?

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I’d suggest you to get the bc2

I’ve had mw2, but i got bored soon after the second prestige. So I trade it and got bc2. It’s a great gameļ¼

you can’t miss bc2 if you like cooperation and big maps.

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MW2 single player campaign is short and gerenric and boring. The online is laggy and cheating is rampant. There are better ways to spend your time and your money.

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If you’re buying for the online then MW2 will probably be more fun when it isn’t being completely broken. You can do well without a party but get ready to get curb-stomped by veterans until you get some hours under your belt. it’s also best to avoid the objective based modes until you level-up/ get a party because if you get unbalanced teams it can be a wholesale slaughter(and this actually applies even more in TDM in extreme cases).

If you want the single player then BC2 because MW2’s is kinda just there as an overly long tutorial to the online with a cliche’ filled, predictable B action movie story. The slow-mo room breaching is fun though. I will say the voice acting is great ; sad to see it wasted.

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