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How can i enable direct3d?

Asked by tomokawaii (41points) March 23rd, 2010

i have just installed directx recently…

i **THINK** i have enabled it before… but i formatted the laptop, so it vanished. :D

i don’t know how to enable it now.

i have looked in DXDIAG already, but it says it is not available, or something like that.

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yes, it says that direct 3d is not available.
and the only test that i could run is directdraw

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You need to install proper graphic card drivers first before you can think about 3d.

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what graphic card is that?

i kind f remember now. :D

i wasn’t able to install the other drivers, maybe that’s the problem.

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I do not know what kind of graphic card you have. If you can tell us the laptop model we can help.

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its ok. i have now solved it. :D
thank you.

it was the intel graphics media accelerator driver missing.

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