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Why is there so little genetic variety in asian peoples?

Asked by Fausnaught (373points) March 23rd, 2010

Ever notice how little genetic variation there is concerning Asian peoples, particularly Chinese peoples? What is the scientific reason for this? All with black hair, all with dirty olive skin, all with the same eye modifications. Is there any variety?

Does the uniformed Chinese appearance make communist rule easier?

I don’t mean to say something racist like all Asians look the same… but many of them do. What gives?

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Good lord, are you serious? First, looks do not say anything about actual genetic variation. Second, you are wrong even in terms of looks. Do you realize how large Asia is? There is a lot of variation, even if they aren’t blonde. Even in China there is a lot of variation in skin color and facial features. Watching the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics one could easily tell that all the participants representing China’s ethnic groups were part of the Han ethnic group. If you can’t tell a Uighur from a Han you are seriously blind. I want to call this post utterly racist, but instead I’ll assume you are ignorant, meaning that you are lacking knowledge and experience of Asian peoples. Maybe you’ll get that education here.

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idk but i’ll bet they feel the same way about white people or black people

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I hope I’m not the only one creeped out by this question.

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Like the above answer stated: Genetics just are not looks, do you have any idea what’s going on inside them?

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Did not Montey Phython do a bit on this in “Eric the Red”? on the slave ship?

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Why is there so little genetic variety in caucasian peoples? All white and with non-mongoloid eyes!
dirty olive skin” – I smell a racist troll.

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I’ve always had a thing for Chinese and Native American men. Something about that hair… And I disagree with your term “dirty olive”. I think that Asian skin color is really attractive. Kind of a golden hue. I also like milky white skin on a man and red hair. And I see plenty of variety. What are you talking about?

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I see beautiful asian people I see ugly asian people.It’s like that the world over. I see the difference,you see.

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Fun facts for the uninformed:

There are 56 minorities in China that look nothing like the Chinese people you’re used to seeing. The majority of the Chinese you see are the Han people (which I am one of). The Han people are the majority in China, and even more so immigrating to the US. The minorities have different sub cultures and also appearances.

I never described myself with ‘dirty olive skin’... I mean.. what’s wrong with just more of a beige variant? I mean I’ve heard ‘yellow’ – which I think is ridiculous, but I haven’t heard dirty olive before… I like olives… But seriously – we’re just like tanned white people (not the tanning booth tanned white ppl mind you…) I prefer golden :).

Eye modifications – this is where you’re wrong. There are Chinese people with big and small eyes. Some have the slanted characteristics you’ve come to see as “Chinese”, and others look pretty damn normal (for white people anyway). I won’t argue that we have smaller eyes (in general).

Take the time to notice the difference between Japanese, Korean, and Chinese people – we don’t look a like – trust me.

I fail to see how a uniformed look makes communism any easier. And at this point I really hope you’re ignorant… Communism is the reason that my parents gave up everything and immigrated to the US, so I can have a better life. There are many Chinese people who are still within poverty and I don’t find it funny that you think its because we all look a like that it makes it easier to oppress the poor…

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Any time someone says something like “I don’t mean to be racist, but…” it is patently followed with something racist. Makes me giggle!

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@Idknown Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity. Could it be this question arises from not knowing much about the history of the area and the struggles between the different groups?

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@Adirondackwannabe I think the beginnings of the question was truly out of interest. To be honest – I don’t know why we all have black hair. Its obvious we do! I am no scientist, but I can only guess that it’s because that’s the dominant gene.

All of the same color is moot – all white people are just that… white. They got a little more tanned, a little less – Asians are the same.

@Fausnaught Eye modifications – lol – that’s ethnocentric. Maybe to us YOU have the eye modification… have you thought of that?

You know what Chinese people call white people? Literal translation – “White Ghost” Can you imagine that? LOL. Also known as the “White Devil” but that’s for other reasons (opium wars perhaps?).

However, again – the communist comment seemed racist enough…

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If you really want to know about genetics, maybe start here:

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@Disaster_Porn I actually found your comment to be more offensive than the original poster’s…

And while I agree that eventually all genetic pools will be mixed (as we become more educated and less race divided), your suggestion that our unique characteristics as a race of people is a ‘problem’ offends me greatly. Not to mention your suggestion for the original poster to impregnate as many women as possible to solve this ‘problem’.

If Flurther has any moderators at all – I hope your post will be removed soon. Flagged.

Please try to stay educated/civil as we carry on a discussion?

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@talljasperman “Ooo, scary scary, don’t we look mean.” “Your big breasted women give me no pleasure, with their warmed up, fish urrrrrgggghhhh!”

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Every person thinks their own race has the most variation, and other races have less compared to them.

Next time try not to look so ignorant.

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@Disaster_Porn is a troll who needs the banhammer.

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It was meant as a joke since the question itself does not seem to be a serious one to me.

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Stay in school.

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Here’s a creepy fact to go along the “they all look alike” theme. I grew up on a dairy farm and we had around 75 to 80 holstein cows. I could tell everyone one of them apart.

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@Disaster_Porn You can never be too sure in these internet pages., a financial blog I follow has tons of ignorant, and ill informed people on there. I got so tired of trying to educate the masses there, that I just gave up and no longer visit the site.

I hope you can understand where the misunderstanding stemmed from, and would appreciate your forgiveness and might I add a suggestion to perhaps make it a bit more clear if your responses are meant to be satirical.

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I live in Indonesia and scientists say that Indonesian people own the biggest genetic variation in the world. Our people are geographically divided by numerous different islands. Each island has its own specific people(tribe and culture),and even if they look the same they still own bigger DNA diversity than those who outside this country. Although I’m agree about the Chinese people(since they share the same ancestor and live in the same place from time to time,it then ended up in non-morphologically evolution).

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@Idknown No worries mate I understand all is good :) I believe those ~ means it is a joke or the like… I need to start using them.

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Doesn’t the term “Asian” refer to people hailing from the continent of Asia? . . . well, how similar are the Indians with the Chinese and the Thais and the Filipinos could be? Not to mention, people from Iran, Iraq, Georgia and Armenia . . . Your question wasn’t probably given much thought. . .

Could mods have been able to flag this for refinement?

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I think if you were around a lot of Asian people, they would start to look really different from each other. Just at a glace, since they mostly have similar physical characteristics, you could think they all “look the same”. My sister in laws are twins, and at first I could not tell them apart. Now, 5 years later after looking at them so much, they look absolutely nothing alike anymore!

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It’s because all of us Asians are incesting each other all the time. Our brains are more stupider too. Fetish me fetish me! And stop calling me whore! I can’t tell the difference between all you white people.

You should be careful, though, since we all know kung fu.

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actually, asians dont look the same at all. what it is, your brain is no good at recognizing the variety.

there was a test done some time back, i cant recall the name or people who did it. but basically, they got a bunch of babies and showed them pictures of these raccoon like creatures.

when babies where shown the picture, they reacted and laughed, if they where then shown the same picture again they would not react. however, if the picture was different, they would keep reacting and laughing as they could recognize that it was a different one.

when the same test was done with older toddlers, they would only react to the first one, and no matter how many times you changed the picture they would not react, thinking that its still the same one.

these creatures look identical to us adults, but babies can tell them apart with ease.

so, there is a part of the brain that is in charge of facial recognition, as you are not surrounded by asians from a young age, it gets to the point where ’‘they all look the same’’ but really… they all look very different, its just you cant tell the difference because your brain was not trained to recognize that type of face.

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@Disaster_Porn For future reference, that’s how you make a sarcastic joke ^^.

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John Lovett’s Pathological Liar character had the answer why all Asians look alike. ‘I fathered all of them. That’s right, they all look like me”

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@Snarp said: “I want to call this post utterly racist, but instead I’ll assume you are ignorant”

no real difference. racism is the product of ignorance.
however, it isn’t necessarily malicious.

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Why is there so little genetic variety in asian peoples?

You are simply completely mistaken. There is vast genetic variety in Asian Peoples. You are just a bigot, a racist, or a moron.

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@Idknown: Good luck crushing your Muslim minority which killed so many Han last year due to “inequality”. Of course the idle Muslims do not have the same results as the industrious Han.

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There is more genetic variety between Asians than there is between any single Asian and you. You are just looking at very superficial visual differences that don’t really represent genetic variety, just facial-structure and skin-color variety. Very unimportant in terms of the genome.

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@malevolentbutticklish If you’re referring to Tibet, that’s a whole different topic, one which I’d be very interested to have a productive debate about. Most of us don’t know much about it and we’re quick to paint China as the evil one oppressing a minority.

Although, my resources are also limited, as many text that point to China’s side are unsurprisingly in Chinese. There are a few in English as well – but we’re quick to dismiss those.

Anyhow – I am an American, I was born here, and in the end I urge you not to label it as ‘my Muslim minority’. No need to personalize any debates right? :)

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@Fausnaught You are ignorant and mistaken. Perhaps your exposure to Asians has been extremely limited or you are not observant.

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@malevolentbutticklish Thanks for the link. I believe my above response stays the same. There is just a lack of information due to the iron hold the Chinese government has over these things.

In the end, I am still unaware of the point you are trying to make… :(

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@Idknown: My point is pretty clear. Good luck crushing your jealous idle Muslim minority which killed so many productive Han.

In the case of the Uighur, the Chinese government makes a huge mistake by withholding information instead of simply saying these people are bad, this is why they are bad, and this is what we have done about it.

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@malevolentbutticklish Well the Chinese government are at a bad place now. No matter what they say – we, in the west, will likely make them out to look like bad guys. IMO – it’s always been that way.

Don’t get me wrong, they’ve done enough to make me disgusted and not even want to associate with them. But I think over time China will change for the better. People are being more educated now about democracy, and as more and more people get wealthy, I don’t see the communist party holding for long. At the very least, they’ll have to make some changes to stay in power.

However, that I am very interested to have this talk, I feel immensely guilty for hijacking this thread. If you care to carry out this debate – let us start a new question :).


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@Idknown: The Chinese ARE at fault with the Uighur but not for killing them, etc. They are at fault for suppressing the information. The West will always rightly hold them at fault for suppression so long as it continues. Imagine a hit-and-run car crash. The person who runs is always deemed at fault for the car crash even if in fact is was the other driver’s fault.

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