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Please Help! Does anyone here have any knowledge about Turkish music?

Asked by wtfrickinfrack (1347points) March 23rd, 2010

I’m babysitting my brother’s stepson. He’s in 6th grade (I think) and he’s straight up Turkish. The only English he’s spoken to me since yesterday has been “Turkish rap, I like, no lame”. But I can’t find any! He’s pretty much wrecking my house and I’d be forever grateful if someone could point me towards some Turkish rap to play for this lovely child? I’m begging you! Aaaahhh!!!

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“He’s pretty much wrecking my house”
“this lovely child”

Well, at any rate, here‘s a list of Turkish rappers. You can also just ask him which artists he likes best.

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@Fyrius I have asked him… but there’s a significant language barrier. Not to mention middle school attitude. =/ Thanks for the link tho!

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It looks like he needs to follow some limits and rules, not listen to music.

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He needs to learn a bit of manners instead of listen to music. I would tell the brother to control his animal or it would not be in my home for any reason. If the brother cannot find a way for said animal to exercise self control while it is in my house, I would not tend it.

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go on google and type turkish music, then see what came up

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