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Why have two of my "questions that need editing" disappeared after I edited them?

Asked by ubersiren (15152points) March 23rd, 2010

I resubmitted them and never saw them again. Do the mods get to just ditch them or what? The one was just from yesterday, so I understand if that moderator just hasn’t been back on, but the other was from months ago.

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I see things haven’t changed much! I’ve had a question modded and then I changed the wording but I never saw it again. I just figured it was a garbage Q and the mods didn’t have time to fix it.

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Have you sent a request to them through “Contact” asking for clarification? It sounds like they may have slipped through the cracks but it’s certainly a valid question to ask them.

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It happened to me, too. I just assumed that the mods decided that the editing was either not good faith, not good enough for Fluther standards (as if!) or… whatever. (It added to the sourness I was feeling about mods recently.)

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It’s an Egg Hunt. And you get one shot at finding it.

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Ok, so they’re not just picking on me… lol. I mean it’s fine if they think my q’s are beyond repair or that I’m hopeless, but I can’t improve for the future if there’s no communication. By the way, I appreciate the mods’ work and I know they’ve got a lot to look after. I’m not resentful. I don’t want to come off as just plain bitchy. I want to be the best jelly I can be! :o)

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Maybe when we get to be the best Jelly we can be, we get promoted to Jelly Donut?

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This is a topic that has been under discussion by the mods – at this point, if a question is rejected, there is no notification for the ‘asker’. It’s been submitted as a request (along with many others) for improvements to the founders. As always, Fluther is a work in progress.

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@syz Thanks for responding. So we’re essentially given one chance to fix it, then if the moderator still feels it’s unfit, it’s tossed? I think that bugs me more than actually not being notified that it’s gone. Especially when the reasons for why the Qs need editing are canned and often vague. How can you improve without a more detailed explanation of what’s wrong? I feel like my canned response didn’t exactly fit my problem, and therefore, I’m still unclear about why it needed fixing originally. Know what I mean, Verne?

Ok, just getting it all out there. I’ll stop being all complainy now.

Thanks to you and the rest of the mods and founders for dealing with all this without getting a paycheck for it.

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I had the same issue once. My question was returned for edit, I asked for help with the wording and reworded it according to the mods suggestion, and it still vanished.

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@ubersiren Not necessarily.

Sometimes the question gets sent back to the asker with a message that essentially says that without some sort of major re-write, it’s just not a question that’s going to make it (“poll” questions, “not suitable for Fluther” questions) and so they tend to get rejected if resubmitted.

Some questions are sent back with suggestions of how to fix them (“typos”, please add “NSFW”), but if for some reason the asker continues to submit the question with no changes, we eventually give up and reject it. We often will even send e-mails and pm’s trying to reach them to explain the problem.

Sometimes there is no moderator on duty and it sits in the queue for a while. Sometimes it’s a question that a particular moderator has been working with and so we try to be polite and leave it for them to get back to.

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