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If you knew an illegal immigrant who did something so awful to you, would you call immigration on them?

Asked by Justnice (920points) March 23rd, 2010 from iPhone

I actually know a lot of illegal immigrants and it kind of makes me mad because I am an immigrant but I came here legally. But anywho, is there really something so terrible that they could possibly do to make you call immigration? Especially when you know their lives would be much worse?

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If they were doing something criminal, actually physically harming others or myself, or stealing, then I would call the police most likely. What type of thing are you thinking of?

I know a lot of immigrants who come here legally who are frustrated by illegal immigrants and the Cubans who get asylum. You’re not the only one.

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I never met an illegal immigrant that treat my so bad. They will usually avoid stranger. But if they insult/harm/threaten me then I’ll report them to the authorities right away.

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I mean, if they commit a serious crime I would notify the police. And let them deal with it from there…but I would do that for anyone, not just illegal immigrants.

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Immigration illegal or otherwise isn’t an issue that bothers me. However, if anyone was doing something illegal that offended me I’d turn them over to the appropriate authorities…. unless I decided to deal with it myself.

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Call the police. the police will take care of an individual situation. in order for immigration(INS)to be involved, they require at least 10 illeglas, before they will respond. i thank you for being legal in America and i am proud of you. make your call to the police and let them handle the situation. it has to start somewhere.

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I would call the police.

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I get the feeling the OP is not talking about something illegal though (outside of the obvious, being an illegal immigrant). So, the police would not be remedy to the problem.

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No, I wouldn’t.

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I wouldn’t call Immigration. If they did something that was hurtful to me or people around them in a way that would in danger someones life or theft, more serious things like that – I think I would just call the cops and let them figure things out. However if you are an illegal immigrant…I’d say you are asking to be deported by committing crimes…you should be trying to stay as low key as possible.

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no, i might beat the crap out of them if it was bad enough, but i would never call the authorities on anyone for anything.

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If it were a crime, I’d do like others, and call the police. If were just some insult to my person, I would not seek to get even with them by trying to get them deported.

In any case, it is highly unlikely that an undocumented immigrant would try anything. They’d be on their best behavior for the fear that I, or anyone else, might try to get them deported.

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Well this person isn’t exactly on her best behavior. We’ve had our problems and she threatens that she wants to fight me. She even came to my house once at 3 in the morning. I’m kind of just sick of her. I don’t want drama with anybody and I don’t want to be constantly watching my back. The thing about her is that she has 3 kids who were born in the US does that change anything?

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@Justnice Call the police if you feel threatened, or get a court order. Get it on record that she is harrassing you at 3:00 in the morning. The only negative might be that she may get more pissed if the police show up. People like that are hard to control. Most cities the polics force does not contact INS, unless there is some sort of conviction I think.

Her children are legal, not her. That is if you are sure she is not legal. What country is she from? If she is Mexican and actually deported, it might not be that hard for her to come back, just because of the proximity of the country. (Not that it is “easy” really).

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Of course!
However people that are here legally are generally very nice and polite. :-)

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She is definitely illegal. She’s from Africa came here as a visitor and never left. She has no green card or social security. She even married once to get legal but the guy played her and they divorced. But could she still get deported if her kids were all born here??

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@Justnice I think so. But, she might try to fight it, and use the disruption of her childrens life as some sort of defense. If she is from a country that never meets the quoto, it might not wind up being difficult to apply legally in the end. Although, INS will frown on the fact that she has been living and working here.

I knew someone from Chile, and a friend of hers had been living in the states on Tourist Visa for years. One time when she was coming through immigration into the US, her bags were searched and they found a business card, which demonstrated she was working in the US. They turned her right around at the airport and sent her back to Chile on the next flight, and she was denied a visa to reenter the US.

If she married for papers, then that means to me that she filed with INS (or whatever they call it now). Was she married for a few years? She might have a green card independent of her husband/exhusband at this point. I am not arguing with you, or questioning whether you are right about her immigration status, just pointing some possibilities out. I know you said you are an immigrant yourself, so I am sure you are aware of these possibilities, and various status.

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She was only married for about a month. She definitely doesn’t have any legal status. I know for a fact that she is trying to remarry. She can’t fly anywhere cause they’ll catch her. I don’t know about the kid situation

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@Justnice I see. Does sound like she is illegal. Are you thinking of turning her in because it seems like a surer bet that they will get her away from you than the police? The police will probably just warn her I guess?? Since she has not physically harmed you (God forbid). Or, because you hate her and want to get back at her, and getting deported would super suck for her?

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I guess it’s more about revenge. I just really don’t care what happens to her. The way I see it, if she knows she’s illegal, then why make trouble for yourself? She kind of has it coming to her. But I probably won’t turn her in just because of the kids. I actually do care about what happens to them. I’ll just threaten her with immigration and hopefully she will stop harrassing me

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@Justnice I feel for you. Sounds like a sucky situation.

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If I knew an immigrant was illegal, I would call immigration on him/her regardless!

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@CaptainHarley Really? No matter what? No matter what their profession, no matter what country they come from? What if it was a friend or a family members sibling? Your friend or family member is legal, but their sibling is illegal.

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The key word here is “illegal.” Violations of the law are just that, violations of the law. I might help them by trying to walk them through the process of LEGAL immigration, but I would still report them for violating the law, just as I would report any family member for violating any law.

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@CaptainHarley Sometimes there is no legal way with how it is set up now, except maybe getting married, which would also be illegal if it is a marriage just for legal status. there are whole families here legally, but a sibing can’t come in. Kind of sucks.

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Then perhaps the law should be changed. But until it is changed, you have to follow the dictates of the law as it is. I don’t think it’s fair that the idiots in Chicago ( and a very few other places ) try to forbid private gun ownership, even though the Constitution guarnatees it. But until the law there is overturned, I will not enter the city of Chicago carrying my pistol.

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