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How to change backgrounds in Power Point 2008?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) March 23rd, 2010

Is there any way to have two or more alternating backgrounds on a slide? One of my students wants to use two different photos as custom backgrounds, that change on a timer. We are using PPT 2008 Windows version.

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Have two slides in a row with the same foreground material, but change the background to what you want on the second slide. Use the built in transition timer.

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Last time I used ppt was in 06, I’m sure it’s still true that you can only use one theme/master template per slideshow. The way to get around it is to cover the entire slide with a box or image that contains whatever background it is you want. So, the “bottom layer” is the template you don’t want to use. The middle layer is the overlaid box or image, and then the top layer is your text, etc.

Essentially, what @elenuial said, but with the nuance that you are changing a middle layer instead of messing with the slide template.

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@elenuial the problem that they just have to watch out is if the contents use “effects” during the presentation. Cloning a page and changing just the background would mean that the “effects” of the contents would be replayed again. If the contents are static, then there will be no problem with the transitioning from one slide to the next.

@keybo’s suggestion makes more sense. Use BG1 on top of BG2 and have BG1 fade out.

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What @elenuial said. Keep everything on the forefront exactly the same, just make the next slide transition into the other photograph. As long as nothing in the foreground has changed it should be seamless….

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