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What is a good way to improve my handwriting in terms of speed and neatness?

Asked by archaeopteryx (873points) March 23rd, 2010

I have a major problem when it comes to handwriting.
I try my best to write quickly and neatly at the same time, but at the end I realize that actually I failed at both. I’m desperately looking for a good solution to this dilemma and I’m really not sure what I can do about it.

Any hope I can find some good suggestions here?
Thanks very much.

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Start out focusing on neat. Take as long as you need to to write neatly. Practice that over and over again, a lot. Speed will take care of itself. If you find it getting messy again, you have to go back to practicing neat over and over again. You can lose the ability if you don’t keep practicing a lot.

I say this as someone who has completely lost the ability to write in cursive as I gave it up in favor of printing because my hand writing was so messy.

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Write smaller and practice writing each letter in the alphabet separately.

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make circles on paper and trace around them until your perfect

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Doodle. As a child,I wanted my handwriting to be as good as my Mother’,which was beautiful. She told me to doodle. So when I watched tv or was on the telephone,I would doodle on different letters of the alphabet. I realize it might sound crazy but I developed beautiful handwritting and in fact,today I am a calligrapher. I credit my skills to doodling.

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I would also recommend a heavier writing utensil. It will cause you to use more muscle control while writing.

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I think practice—meaning frequent use—makes the biggest difference. When you rely mainly on a keyboard, you lose speed and fluency in your handwriting. I think it’s as likely as not to be a matter of keeping up the muscles that perform the action. You lose dexterity when you are out of practice, just as you would with any other specialized fine-motor skill, such as playing the guitar or painting miniatures.

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Just write a lot, after a while, you’ll see you can write fast and neat. Kind of like everything else, practice makes perfect. Good luck! :)

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