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When my parents get my iPhone bill, can they read all my text messages?

Asked by PhantomCrash (45points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone

same as question

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: ) what’re you hiding?

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I don’t think it will appear on the itemized statement, unless your parents request it. Since it is probably in your parents name, they can do what they want. If so, maybe that will motivate you to pay for your own phone service. This is the land of the free, provided you can pay for it. I am with Doppleganger-What are you hiding?

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No it wont… That would be a very long phone bill and a waste of paper.. AT&T only cares about how many texts you sent, not what was said.

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Are you a minor? May seem like a stupid question but a lot of adults still live with their parents

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I know they can view the phone numbers that all your messages are being sent to, but as far as the actual transcripts I’m not sure..

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You can veiw your account online, and AT&T also has a question & answer section. Open safari on your iPhone, tap bookmarks, scroll down to AT&T MyAccount, then you are on your own. @Fallstand Not everything has to be printed and shipped through the mail these days, “Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow”!!!

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no they cant they might be able to know who you are texting but they can’t read any of the messages that you send

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To save yourself from trouble you should always think they can before you hit send! In reality they can’t.

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don’t listen to these people , the only people that can review excatly what you texted us the police and FBI every text is recorded. So don’t worry ur parents wouldnt be able to read them , plus the phone company isn’t going to want to waste paper.

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no I have an iPhone and it doesn’t show on the bill

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Wow, your parents bought you a $400 phone and pay your montly bill? Must be nice.

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By the way? What text messages don’t you want them to see? I’ll help you come up with a bullshit explanation in case they see it. Tee hee.

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@ Laura048: My teenage son paid half for his iPhone and I pay the bill. We saved up from the time they were first announced to be able to afford them. My monthly family plan on AT&T isn’t much more than my previous plan was on Verizon. He is responsible for any fees over the monthly rate. We do appreciate being able to afford them, because we have been through tough financial times before.

The content of the text messages does not appear on the AT&T bill, whether in print or online. When you check the account activity, you can see the numbers of those with whom you are exchanging SMS messages.

If your parents wanted to, they could install software on the computer, like Syphone, that logs your texts when you sync your iPhone.

Consider this… your parents love you and want you to be happy and successful in life. They don’t want you to make mistakes like they or their friends may have made at your age. If you are a minor, they have every right to know what you are up to. I hope that your concerns are only because you’d be embarrassed if they read them, and not because you’re doing something potentially detrimental to your health or well-being.

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Faketext is a hot new app that allow you to hide your real text messages on your iPhone. Check it out at, you can go there straight from your iPhone since it is a webapp and is free.

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