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Do you really have a Fluther s**t list?

Asked by tinyfaery (41820points) March 23rd, 2010

A lot of jellies talk about it.

Yes, there are a few users who I just do not like and I tend to avoid confrontation with them, but I do not keep a list of users who might have pissed me off once or twice. I don’t purposely avoid giving jellies lurve over simple disagreements. And if there were a block feature there is only one user I would ever block.

Do you keep a shit list? Come honest.

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everyone’s pretty awesome actually.

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I don’t KEEP a list, but there’s some in my head that I think are absolutely on another planet. They were standing behind the door when common sense was passed out. I won’t even waste my time reading their posts.

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I do have a fluther shit list but it’s in my head and it’s very short.

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Nah. I’ll answer a question if it interests me. I may at some point later in the thread have a disagreement with someone, but I still try to maintain civility up to a point. if I feel someone is being deliberately obtuse or argumentative, I can kick it up a notch, but I forget about it soon and answer another question. Maybe I just smoked too much pot in the 70’s, and now my memory is still good, but very short. ;-)

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@ninjacolin I half agree with that statement. I would say “Everyone who’s been an active user for at least 3 months is pretty awesome.”

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Nobody bothers me enough to make it worth starting a shit list. But if you’re volunteering….. ;-)

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I think the actual keeping of a list is pretty petty. There are some users that I am less fond of, so I usually just skip over them, or avoid getting into arguments with them. I find no need to let them affect me any more than that.

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No, I really don’t. I get along with almost everyone (I hope) and with those that I don’t, whatever I did, it wasn’t intentional and I apologize.

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Apology accepted.

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wow, @Bluefreedom finally apologized.

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I know! I’ve been waiting for months to see that. he’s such a scoundrel

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Better late than never, right everyone? I’m feeling mighty vulnerable at present.

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Aww…you’ll be fine. Big strong eagle that you are. :-}

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I used to. I had an account a long time ago before I made this one. I was actually bullied into leaving, basically. However, I’ve started a new fluther life ;P

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@meagan. And we’re very happy that you’ve returned. Welcome back. =)

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@Bluefreedom Aww. Thank you. You’re too sweet ;P

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From the final paragraph on my profile page:

“I like damn near everybody. One or two run-ins does not automatically put you on my shit list. I don’t even have a shit list! I see it as a waste of good effort that is best spent elsewhere. When I do get mad, it’s very short-lived. In fact, you’re lucky! I probably won’t remember which person it was I had the disagreement with :)”

**Life is just too damn short to bother playing up the bad things.

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I definitely don’t keep a list, too much work. However I do have one jellie that I keep away from and just avoid any interaction (it doesn’t have anything to do with there activity on here either). But if they have a good answer I will still give them lurve. So, really it’s a civil disliking?

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ShmohnSchmixtySchmiveSchmennington and SchmipocricySchemntral

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I don’t have a list. In fact I don’t think I’d block any user if I could. I already have a fun way of avoiding seeing repetitive comments that don’t contribute, and in any case, when I disagree with a specific view of a user’s I’ll reply to that specific view. I try not to judge someone’s personality based on one of many facets. If our view differ that’s fine. I’ll defend mine and you defend yours and we’ll meet somewhere in the middle.

Some views I’m a little more vocal about, but in the end if you give a good answer (even if i don’t happen to agree) I can recognize it and usually give lurve.

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Schmow Schmlassy.

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@Grisaille Ooh…cryptic. ;)

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I forgot… I do have a list! it is for the un-awesome.
you know who you are

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This is a great question.

In all honesty I like all jellies even though some I do not agree with at times. But really that is okay. I understand some have more passion about a topic than I do and even if they are not getting what I am saying often times in the next question or two I am in total agreement with them.

I will say that I do not understand outright trolls.

I try to help them understand that Fluther is a pretty cool place if you give it a chance.
sometimes (rarely but it happens) one who starts off as a troll will realize that Fluther is different. They realize that we value great interaction and sharing of knowledge. They actually end up not only awesome members but in my Fluther as well.

I think the main thing to remember is that we are all entitled to an opinion. And so long as we are not flaming each other it is a great balance to a discussion to hear all sides.

So no- I do not have a shit list. :)

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I admit, I do. But it’s extremely short, and simple dislike and/or frequent disagreement isn’t enough to get a person added.

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I have to say I like all jellies, even if I don’t like what they are saying. Just because they are here, take the time to answer my question I am honoured. I don’t think I’ve met a rotten jelly yet? I think if I have I forget so quickly. Plus I can give as good as I get :))

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The main thing I give a shit about are the ideas presented.

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Edit to above. I will admit that if a person expresses outright cruelty to animals I drop them into “troll” status.

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“I have a little list,
They’d none of them be missed,
they’d none of them be missed.”

You know who you are.

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If I am on your shit list then you are on mine.

Na not really, I like being on shit lists. ;-)

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@ChazMaz How ‘bout my “Beat down on sight” list? Yeah buddy. ;-)

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In case anyone didn’t get it, I was just kidding. Except for you @ChazMaz.

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Yeah Chaz. What she said!

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@ChazMaz you are definitely on my shit list

just kidding heh

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Nope, no list for me. More like a common interest list…

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All this love! :-)

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No. I’m sure that if Fluther had an “ignore” feature (, then I might use it for a few people who I know I’ll disagree with—not even share a vocabulary with really, because ‘arguing’ is a perfectly good, useful and valid reason to be here—and not even bother to try a discussion. But even some of those folks from time to time surprise me by being almost (imaginably) sensible.

There have been a few trolls, but they’ve been so thoroughly outed that the accounts are usually closed by the time I’ve even recognized who they are—the mods do a pretty good job of policing the real bad actors.

But I don’t dislike anyone actively. Surprised? I imagine some are. I just advocate forcefully for my positions, especially because they’re more often than not ‘minority’ opinions. And besides, I’m older than most of you, and cranky sometimes. So there.

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I don’t like Vunessuh.

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Anyone who doesn’t like Maiden is automatically on my shit list
I am serious

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No. I don’t hold grudges. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I was on other peoples shit list.

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@Lightlyseared you are on my “Get shit-faced with” list.

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@Dr_C fantastic I’ll get the first round in

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Anyone who doesn’t like @Vunessuh is… wait… what?

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There is only one other jelly I avoid, but I like all jellies. I don’t agree with everything they say, but if I don’t, I stop following the thread. I agree with @Dog that if there is someone who is cruel to animals, then they are on a list. There was one such jelly, but he is gone now.

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A list? No. There’s a handful of flutherfolk, not more than four or five, that I avoid, meaning that I never read their questions, don’t address remarks to them, and generally skip their posts. But even at that, if I happen to read a comment of theirs and think it’s good, I’ll GA it.

This is not because I’ve clashed with them—that’s actually happened only once in PMs—but generally because I don’t care for their manner, find them coarse or downright rude, or think they are insincere. For the most part, though, I think the differences among jellies are what make this place interesting and lively.

Oh, and I have changed my mind about some people over time. That’s a possibility I will seldom rule out. For instance, one new jelly addressed a remark to me that I thought was really uncalled for, but I didn’t do anything. Later I found out that it was a slang expression I hadn’t known and that it was obviously meant in fun. I’m glad I didn’t make any kind of an issue about it.

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Nope. If I don’t agree with something I either avoid it, deal with it or roll my eyes. I just don’t have time to deal with that kind of a list. I have a handy-dandy voodoo doll sitting next to my laptop! :)

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That’s ridiculous. @cak stole my words, I don’t have the time for a shit list comprising of people I’ve never met, I know little about (though some of you I know very well of course <3) and that I communicate with via the interwebz. I would feel rather silly about myself if I did keep one. I’ve been on Fluther long enough to be involved in many controversial threads and yet if you ask me who I argued with, I wouldn’t remember. Any good answer gets lurve from me.

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I don’t have time to make a shit list, and even if I did, there’s no one on here (or in life, actually) that I despise so much as to want to put them on a list like that.

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Not really. There are a couple people here who have taken something I said badly, and chewed me out, but I really mean no one any harm, and sometimes we end up getting on quite well.
I can’t tell you how long I laughed when I read the topics portion of my 10K celebration question.

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Nope. But some people do piss me off now and then by writing me off for my age or level of “education”. I’ll still of course give them lurve when I see a great answer or question from them. No list here :) I still love all of you in the end <3 lol

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@Chongalicious You can just stay away from my end thank you. You’re too young to give a good reach-around!~
That may be the most vulgar thing I’ve ever said.

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There are a few jellies that I don’t usually agree with, yet I don’t have a list that I avoid. I may be on other jellies’ lists though, honestly couldn’t say.

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There are some jellies whose questions I do not bother read, but there is no actual “list.”

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I have to say that I have to agree with anything @Vunessuh says. She is very astute!

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There are people whose questions I don’t read or answer.

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I don’t have a shit-list, I have an IT-list. If you ain’t on it, you ain’t the shit!
I made myself laugh

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@Violet you are too cute

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I admit, there a very few users who I will never give lurve to unless the knock me on my ass with some kind of wonderful answer. These people tend to be the ones who out and out say cruel things to me or others I care about.

Mostly, if I don’t like someone, it only hits the mild annoyance meter rather the shit list meter. :)

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@IBERnineD there is no way I could top your cuteness level.. you foxy lady you!

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I find I want to read the posts of some jellies that I roll my eyes over- remember oxymoron? But truly, I still feel like a newbie.

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@faye funny, those posts from Dr D made me think about her earlier today….

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I wonder if the ability to block some users would have a backlash, they would be even more obnoxious if they knew all we had to do was block them. Most of the objectionable ones (IMO) seem to be able to come up with a decent (IMO) answer occasionally.

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You can easily just skip over the post if you want, self-blocking method.

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Nope, I’ve no shit list. I can’t be arsed with keeping track of arse-y people. More work than I care to put in. I’m just here to be friendly and answer some questions of burning import, if I can.

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I don’t have any shit list. I don’t have any lists at all, but there are some jellies that I lurve very much!
I don’t want to know if I’m on someones shit list, it would make me feel bad. I know I should toughen up and get a thicker skin, but I can’t seem to do that

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I don’t know anyone well enough to put them on a designated shit list. Although, I do have a a Turtle Head list. Those on that list are just poking their heads out and about to become full fledged shits. naaa…just wanted to use the turtle head thang

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I understand people retreat to Facebook to talk about this at length.

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I am so not willing do do facebook just to find out who holds internet grudges. Ignorance is bliss.

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@Dog don’t worry, the only shit talking I know on Facebook, is about newer users, and people involved with NSFW Q&A

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@Violet What I love is when they talk shit on Facebook without realizing that some of the newer users can see it. :)

Violet's avatar

@Vunessuh that is the best part!

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No list. I don’t even have anyone that I actively avoid. Anyone who has upset me that much has long been banned. ;)

Wait. I’m on facebook, and friends with lots of Jellies… why am I not seeing this Fluther gossip???

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@Vunessuh You aren’t really being fair here. One Flutherite blamed the AB’ers. You can’t lump us all together. Anything I said on Facebook I have also said here. I’ve got nothing to hide. Some of us were complaining about the quality of questions lately, and specifically stated to that other user that we didn’t feel it was the AB’ers fault.

No shit list here. that’s kind of silly

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@jonsblond You can’t lump us all together.”
Uh, I didn’t. I didn’t make a generalization like your friends did.
“One Flutherite blamed the ABers.”
No, it was two.

Aethelwine's avatar

@Vunessuh You are right. It was two. (one is no longer a member here). You are still making it sound like there were many of us blaming Ab’ers, when there were only two that did. You didn’t tell everyone here that many of us stood up for the AB’ers, did you? You only mention the bad.

Vunessuh's avatar

@jonsblond What part of they in my sentence tells you that I said that everyone blamed the ABers? I just said I love it when they talk shit and we can see it. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less. I never claimed that everyone has that mindset. None of you stood up for me. All anyone else said is “No, I don’t think it was necessarily the ABers”, or “I think it was a combination of things.” No one specifically came to my defense when I was being called names or when they were making their ridiculous generalizations about us fucking up Fluther. I didn’t expect you to. I expected most everyone to ignore the fight mainly because most everyone still has an AB vs. Fluther mentality. I get it. I understand. Plus, you didn’t want to look like you were betraying your fellow Flutherites. So you took a neutral stance. That’s fine. But I have no reason to say anything about the good because there wasn’t much of it. I’m not talking about the reasons why people think the question quality is going downhill. I was specifically talking about the shit that is being talking about, about US on another website. Don’t accuse me of saying that you all acted that way. I never did.

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@Vunessuh and @jonsblond I know of a specific conversation, that had exactly 6 jellies involved in the shit talking

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Ooh was it me? With the comment in my profile a while back? I hope it’s me. I’ll feel so special to be the chosen one one of the chosen two!

I don’t have a shitlist. There are a few jellies with whom I disagree on certain points, and I always end up facepalming when I read their posts on those topics. But I read their posts on other topics and think “I agree.”

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Is anyone actually that fucking sad?Weird.

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I’m pretty easy to get along with and I can honestly say I like and appreciate 98% of the jellies here. That other 2% (probably less, but I didn’t want to leave any turds out), yes, they are on my mental shit list. A fairly civil shit list, because I am a very civil person, so I’m betting most of them have absolutely no idea I can’t stand them. I don’t generally get into arguments with people here, usually I will avoid their questions or posts, or think they’re a perverted tool, or whatever. Usually it’s due to someone’s worldview, or their bad attitude, or their not playing nice, or their trying to be all “look at what a comedian I am” and not answering anything seriously (and not being funny, either), that sort of thing.

It takes more than a handful of occasions to make it to the shit list, but once they’re there, they will receive lurve from me only on occasions where I feel a post is really good. Petty, perhaps, but I will go out of my way to avoid giving these people lurve, in hopes that they have a slow rise in score and will get the hint.

Theme song for this thread.

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@MissAnthrope\m/ \m/ (rawk!)

MissAnthrope's avatar

@aprilsimnel – I’m not sure what that means, exactly (beside it being a crow or something?), but it’s funny. :P

aprilsimnel's avatar

@MissAnthrope – “Devil horns”. You know, ‘cause they’re so rawk! Like the theme song for this thread.

MissAnthrope's avatar

looOOool @myself. Yours is much awesomer.

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