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What is your opinion on high school reunions?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20785points) March 23rd, 2010

Do you look forward to them to catch up on those good ole days?
Do you think they are an arena for fierce competition where one tries to convince the other how much better they have done in life?

Do you believe that everyone tells the truth at such events or do they set out to impress?

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And so have never attended one.

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I’ve lost touch w/ most people from high school, and there are several people I’d like to catch up with, so I think it would be fun. I don’t think I will be in country when the time rolls around, unfortunately…

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I’ve never seen much value in them. I’ve kept in touch with the people I wanted to keep in touch with and if sufficiently motivated know how, and am willing to make the effort, to get hold of most people from my class outside of such events. I’ve never bothered to attend any of mine so I can’t really answer the latter part of your question first hand but I’ve been told it’s about as shallow as, well, high school.

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I don’t plan on ever going to mine. I liked high school fine but I have no need to rehash the past. I don’t think many people would either remember me or be interested in my life, and I could probably say the same for most of them

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A pointless waste of time.

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I didn’t much care for spending three years in their company then. I’m not likely to travel 3000 miles to spend any time in their company now.

The folks I like to see I can visit on my own.

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Depends on how fat and unsuccessful I am by the time it rolls around. At this point, I am looking forward to it. :) Unlike many people, my high school experience was overall positive and there are many people that I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

My parents went to theirs and didn’t have any negative experiences, so we’ll see.

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It’s kind of nice to see everyone, but I was not really a “high-school girl,” so I don’t have a bunch of memories to laugh or reminicse about. I have been to three, because it is also an excuse to see my parents, but if they no longer lived where I grew up, I would probably rarely go. I kind of want the party to be a blow out party, people dancing, the whole bit, and it never is. The last one I went to was one of the better ones though I have to say, we had five graduating classes from the two high schools in the area, which was nice because my jr. high was split in half and fed into the two high schools.

Honeslty, I find being on facebook with old friends more fun. Facebook is how our two high schools organized a “group.”

If they ever did something big like a cruise or winter trip to FL or Cancun that might be neat, because my husband would be into it to, and it is something I like to do anyway.

I don’t really feel competitive, except that I do want to look my best.

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I never had any friends in high school, and I thought those four years were some of the worst years of my life, until I found out there are some things way worse than not having nay friends.

I received a notice of my 50th, yes a half century ago, but I have no intention of going, and I have never been to one.

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I didn’t interact with too many people in school; I just went, did my studies, and walked across the platform and got my diploma. Purely clinical – so no, I have no interest in my high school reunion.

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I barely remember anyone from high school other than the people I still talk to. It’s actually something of an embarrassment when I visit my hometown, because I wind up using a lot of terms like “Bud”, “Chief”, “Kid” and things like that because I can’t for the life of me remember who the person is that decided to walk up to me and reminisce.

That situation’s awkward enough, I couldn’t imagine being in a room full of situations like that.

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@RocketSquid Everyone has on a name tag at the reunion, which helps. LOL.

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I won’t be going to any reunions, since I didn’t know any but one person in the class I graduated with; I only went to the school for two years and my friends were in the year ahead of and the year below me. I recently saw photos on FB of people from the school and didn’t recognize anyone from my class.

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My class had one at 15 years and it was fun. I only stayed a little while because I had somewhere else to go. We are having one this summer and I plan to go It’s going to be a big party followed by a cruise. I’m not doing the cruise. It will be fun seeing everyone after so long. I don’t really understand why anyone would not want to go unless they had no friends back in high school with whom they have lost touch. Our class was about 500 people and they are all over the world. Many are coming in from other countries to attend.

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I would love to go I went to so many schools though, I would be exhausted loll.

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The more of them you attend, the less interesting and entertaining they seem to be.

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I think it all depends on how HS life was for a particular person. I graduated from a class with only about 120 students so we fairly knew everyone. We have established our own class website and about 80% of the graduating class is subscribed and connected. We have always looked forward to small get-togethers and those grand homecomings whenever a milestone year rolls around.

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I went to my 30 year class reunion and got the award for “not having changed looks since high school” which tells me I really need a new hair style. It was boring and I won’t go to another one. There are a few people from high school I keep in touch with, and the rest I don’t want to see.

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I graduated in a class of six people. Two have died. Three of us are friends on facebook. One of us is in and out of prison/rehab and out of the loop. 2013 will be twenty years for us, but a reunion would be kind of silly. Maybe, dinner? I’m kind of jealous of people who have a class worthy of a reunion.

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I have really enjoyed going to my reunions. We only get together every 10 years and it fun to see how much everybody has changed, and also to see their families.

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I went once and it was a mistake. My friends and I made the best of it dancing with our husbands, just having fun etc but most people seemed to only want to gossip…I can’t understand why those four years seem so important to society when it is nothing compared to the many years after….

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I considered going to mine, but after staking out the joint with my two best friends, we decided we didn’t like any of the people going inside and didn’t really want to attend.

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“I went to my high school reunion… It was very weird because I was home-schooled.” – Zach Galifianakis

Seriously though, my class was 92 people, everyone knew everyone and basically we pretty much all grew up together, being a small town most of those people I went to school with from first grade on. I had very few good friends and was somewhat of an outsider, but I had enough people I’d lost touch with that I have gone to my 10th and 20th. I was really surprised at my 20th, how much more I liked some of the people these days than I did way back when…all the immaturity was gone and everyone was grown up, and we had a good time. We actually rented a party bus and went barhopping, then had a bonfire out in the country afterwards until the wee hours of the morning. Even though a lot of the people I would have wanted to be there were not, I was glad I got to see some of the people who I never thought I’d be glad to see. And no one tried to impress everyone, I come from a pretty what you see is what you get town.

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I have never attended one. I don’t even remember anyone from high school, much less have any contact with them. I certainly don’t want to play the who did what and who is most successful game. I’d come out on the bottom of that competition. And if I didn’t, I’d look down on anyone who could possibly find a way to be more of a loser than I am. I hate feeling that way. I hate feeling like it’s a competition. And what would be the point? I wouldn’t know anyone’s name, nor recognize anyone. Most of my friends were from the class after mine, and I don’t keep in touch with any of them, either. High school was not a time I remember fondly. It was bad and it wasn’t good. It just was. I’m glad it isn’t any more.

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The people I’d like to see were not in my grade. I went to and had fun at my 10th, all my friends still live in my town. Oh, the hangover at the breakfast get together!

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I graduated from High School in 1998 and I’ve had some bad days in High School that I just did not want to relive again at my High School reunion in 2008. I didn’t go to my reunion because I have no interest in seeing any of my old classmates from high school. I didn’t had good days in high school cause the kids used to pick on me, bully me, take advantage of me, and be mean to me all the time. Those memories are still with me up until this day today. I hated what I went through in high school. For me to go to my high school reunion is not happening. P.S., why is it that othere schools like Kindergarden and Junior high don’t have reunions cause I see that only high schools would have reunions?

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