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Why did Deion Sanders get crap for playing in 2 games (NFL/MLB) in the same day?

Asked by windex (2932points) March 23rd, 2010

If you ask me, he should have gotten a freaking medal.
But I remember people saying that it was disrespectful to the sport, it was disrespectful to the team, blabla

Why? I don’t understand.

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People tend to treat athletes as having a practically sacred commitment to their teams. So when Sanders was playing in two different sports – and for two different teams – the respective fanbases somehow saw him as not being ‘one of them.’ Plus, his antics and the whole Primetime/Neon Deion persona earned him a lot of enemies in the media, who generally don’t take kindly to that sort of thing.

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@PadmanJones: I agree with you. And also, @windex: you pretty much answered it. It is all about a commitment when you are on a team and when you let one team know that you have to be somewhere else doing something else at a certain time, they do not think you care about the team. It is kind of disrespectful. I can understand where you are coming from though. It is a pretty awesome thing and not too many people can say they have played on two professional level teams in the same day.

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Same is true wit Michael Jordan when he played baseball.

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@njnyjobs Though he wasn’t playing them at the same time.

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Sports fans feel by playing for two teams in the same day is a conflict of interests. One team is going to get a more tired player than if he weren’t playing a full game previously. Plus it was popular to hate Deion Sanders.

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@PadmanJones and that’s even worse, don’t you think…

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People had no lives so they look elsewhere to get pissed off?

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Deion was showing just how much better he is than everybody else. He is simply one of the most incredible athletes of our time…

Along with all those others….

He got crap because people don’t like to be shown how lousy they are compared to true greatness.

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Thanks everyone : )

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