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Where can i buy cheap but nice prom dresses? (either online or in stores)

Asked by latinagirl56 (112points) March 23rd, 2010

I live in Chicago Illinois. And my prom is in May. And i was wondering if anyone knew any good stores or online websites out there were i can buy my dress. I know i have about 2 more months until prom but when it comes to stuff like this i like to be prepaired. So if theres anything that you know please tell me. And i thank you all if you do help me :)

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EBay! There are some pretty awesome vintage dresses from the 80’s and 50’s and stuff like that. If I could go back in time, I would totally want to rock one of those.

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You might want to try ebay, Marshalls, or TJ Max to get you started.

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Don’t buy your prom dress online. You want to buy a dress like that in person so you can try it on, make sure it fits and make sure it looks good on you. What looks good in a picture, may not necessarily look great on you, unfortunately.
If you’re looking for something cheap, try Macy’s, Mervyn’s, Sears, TJ Max, Kohls..

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Do you have a Debs near you?

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Another place you might want to try is a consignment shop that only accepts high end clothing. At most of these places you can find something for $50 or less.

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@augustlan I was going to suggest that, actually. Only it’s just DEB. Just so you know. (:

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I used to handle donations in a well known thrift store. Many times,shops and nice stores would donate new gowns and accessories. Wedding gowns and prom dresses sell very well and are reasonable, but you might have to leave the city to shop decent thrift stores.

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Our local library had a prom dress exchange which I thought was a really cool idea!

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@janbb One of the churches in my city does the same thing. I think it’s a great idea.

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I second Debs. I got my prom dress there for $40, and I personally thought it was the prettiest dress in the store. Not friggin’ bad.

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Along with the Deb suggestions, I got a gorgeous gown at Fashion Bug for senior prom (though that was a long time ago, and I ended up having to return it because of a depressing situation that ended with my best friend and me crying into our Captain Morgan milkshakes in a trailer in West Virginia).

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This doesn’t help @latinagirl56 but for general information—in the Bay Area, there is the Princess Project which gives prom dresses. @latinagirl56 in a city the size of Chicago, there must be similar efforts, check with someone in the counseling office. Also check out consignment shops.

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Check out Nordstrom’s The Rack in the Loop. There are actually a few places in that immediate area—Filene’s Basement, TJ Maxx, and the Rack among them—that are great for discount dress shopping.

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Davids bridal. It’s where I got my both of my prom dresses from.

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I agree with @pearls. Often people will hold onto gowns until the spring and give them to consignment shops to sell just before the prom seasons begin. Its a good time for them to sell and I’ve seen dresses that can easily sell for 800 dollars or more go for 100 dollars or less. My husband buys all his suits now at a local consignment shop for 20 to 50 dollars and I’ve priced the suits for no less than 300 dollars or more. And they are always in excellent shape.

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