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Where can i take a road trip to around New York City?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1505points) March 23rd, 2010

I want to get out of state maybe like 2–4 hour drive away, somewhere near New York City. Ive gotten different suggestions from friends – Atlantic City, Boston, Philadelphia…not sure what to do though. I want to get out of the city, i miss driving my car and wouldnt mind staying the weekend.

Any suggestions?

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Where are you starting from? What’s your budget? Do you want urban or nature? Bars or bears? Delis or deer? Movies or moose?

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You could go up to the Catskills.

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You could go to Mystic, CT

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@gailcalled Im starting from Bronx, NYC. Urban i guess, its cold in these parts so probably wouldnt be the best to be outdoors a lot.

@JLeslie How far is the Catskills, isnt that more for hiking and stuff?

@aprilsimnel Whats there?

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I was born in the Bronx and lived as an adult in Manhattan, Boston and Philly. They all have wonderful things to offer but are all cities. Catskills are about a 2 hr. drive but it is rural and hilly.

Bear Mt. is a nice area (near West Point) as are the Shawangunks and Mohonk Mountain House.

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@gailcalled But is there much to do there? Places to go? Ive been to the Catskills as a kid but only hiking or bbq and stuff. Philly, only once last year and just to eat Cheese steaks and hit a bar with friends. Not sure what else there is to do in these areas.

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Depending which town you go to it is about 2 hours from NYC. I have not been in years. But, it would be a change of scenery from the city. Depends what you want. I found this website

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Philly = Continental Congress, Bill of Rights, Constitution.

Boston = University and college town, dozens of museums.

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@gailcalled How far are the finger lakes or Lake George? that would have boating, horse back riding. Maybe that would be more interesting.

Also, @JesusWasAJewbot You could go to DC, if you have never been. 4 hours by train. Less than that on the fast train. It is close to cherry blossom this time of year, they might have already started to bloom since it warmed up already. DC is fantastic.

Atlantic city could be fun. I have not been there in years either. I assume it has been revamped since then?

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@JLeslie DC! Great idea, dont know why i didnt think of that. Never been and wouldnt mind driving down that way.

Also just thought of looking up some concerts.

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A friends just got back from Ithaca – I know it’s still in NY state – but he said he had a great time!

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@JLeslie: Finger Lakes (and Lake George) would be a haul and still might have winteryweather. Atlantic City is a Las Vegas wannabe and really tacky these days.

Ithaca is fun if you have friends at Cornell or Ithaca college. Otherwise, it is very empty, but scenically pretty.

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@gailcalled: Ithaca has been working to improve its cultural activities and appeal as a weekend destination.

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@JesusWasAJewbot I grew up outside of DC, and my family is still there if you have any specific questions. During cherry blossom it can be difficult to get a hotel or very expensive. If you stay on the metro line (subway) you can get around easily even if you stay outside of the city. The DC subway is very nice. Bethesda, MD is a good option, shops and restaurants right near the hotels, nice to walk around. I have not been to Crystal City, VA in years, but I would guess that is all built up, and very close to downtown also.

If you are interested in touring the white house, I understand now that you have to get tickets in advance.

The holocaust museum is amazing if you have any interest. So many museums…my husband liked the FBI museum. I love Air and Space. If you google there will be a website with all of the info I am sure.

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It’s a seaside town in Connecticut.

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@aprilsimnel: I went to Mystic, CT as my first weekend getaway after my son was born – that was nearly 19 years ago – and it was a lovely departure. We attended the Lobster Festival, so there was a lot going on around the town.


New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ on the other side of the Delaware is also nice area to visit for a day or weekend getaway.

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Baseball museum in Cooperstown, NY? LIving in the Bronx, you have an easier time getting on the NYS thruway. It’s probably a 4 hour drive but chock-a-bloc full of things to do. It’s also in the southern tip of Lake Otswego.

New Hope is for good dining, antiquing and charming hikes.

If you want warmth, go to Philly. Here are the ten best things to do:,PA/Overall_10Best/Overall_10Best/

I would bag the giant mall in King-of-Prussia, but the other ideas are broad in scope and would keep you busy.

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I “second” what @gailcalled said about Mohonk Mountain House. great hiking or just chilling out inside the hotel (be sure to pay for the buffet lunch – you have to prepay but it’s great food, classy surroundings) and that gets you the entire day of grounds and indoor access. you could do that from the Bronx within one day.

other people suggested Boston – about 4 hours from Bronx but definitely a long weekend of culture. College town, museums, all good stuff. From there you can do a day trip to Cape Cod, which is scenic and maybe at this time of year it’s not that busy, but you can do some nature trails and stuff like that. Cape Cod is about an hour from Boston.

Washington DC – the great thing about Washington which not many people mention is that everything is free – your tax dollars at work. Museums like the Smithsonian and taking tours of government buildings – all free. It’s a little longer ride from the Bronx – probably 5 hours, so that’s definitely a long weekend kind of trip.

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