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Why do scalp massages feel SO good?

Asked by erikaziger (345points) March 23rd, 2010

Is there some anatomical/physiological/whatever explanation for this why why why?

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Like a shampoo given at the hairdresser?
You let go and they make \all the pain go away—there is a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders and the tendons leading to them from the skull are relaxed

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Lots of nerves in your head. Just like why foot massages feel real good.

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I agree with the beaucoup de nerve endings. Man, my hairstylist gives the best head massages. They’re like buttah.

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I don’t know, I wish I did. Since I am without a significant other, the only option I have is to to go to my hairdresser, where I always get a shampoo and a wonderful scalp massage. I can only speak for myself, but if anyone knows how the the rest of us can find some way to do this for ourselves, for god’s sake, tell us. We all know how to masturbate, but how to perform a satisfying self-scalp massage has completely eluded me, as I suspect it has many others. If anyone has the secret to this, for god’s sake, tell us.

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This is my weakness. A scalp rub knocks me the fuck out. My mom used to talk about how I was a easy child to put to bed at night. She would rub my head for five minutes and I would pass out. It still works to this day. I pass out in cars too.

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They do feel great, don’t they? But not as great as they do on my lower scalp. ;)


@AstroChuck I agree——the base of the skull, on the back of the neck——a massage there is great. Somehow massages feel better when someone else does them for you, than if you did them on yourself.

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I like to rub my own scalp in lieu of a physically present partner

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I have this great head massger called ‘The head trip’ lolol

It’s soooo nice…a copper wire’ basket’ with prongs and a handle that fits over your head…OMG…bliss!

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@MRSHINYSHOES- Uh… yeah. The base of the skull. That’s exactly what I meant. Yeah.

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@Coloma: I gave one of those to my son and I’m going to drive up to his house and get it back.

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I’m smelling what yer steppin’ in @AstroChuck….

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I thinkj it’s because they allow the evil spirits to escape—without the use of leeches—

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