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Should I be concerned about this health issue (women's issue)

Asked by hug_of_war (10725points) March 23rd, 2010

My period is a week early which I can’t remember ever having an irregular period before (I’m 21, not sexually active, not on any kind of birth control). Should I go to the doctor? I’m really pretty freaked out about it, I am sleeping really horribly (don’t get to sleep until between 7–10am, but not overly stressed. Should I wait until it happens again to see the doctor?

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hmmm Go and see a doctor, and even if you don’t really FEEL stressed, not getting enough sleep will stress out your body…also if you are not ovulating, sometimes your period can come earlier.

Last year I was getting my period every two weeks, I was under quite a bit of stress, not sleeping well etc. and blood tests revealed I wasn’t ovulating (which isn’t anything to stress about at our age apparently).

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If it happens again go the doctor. I would wait another cycle to go to the doctor if you are not sexually active and the period itself (bleeding/cramps) is normal for you. Unless you are also having some other symptoms like your hair is falling out, heart feels like it is racing, very dry skin or dry eyes, increase in muscle cramps form exercise.

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Not ovulating typically results in no period. More likely you had an early ovulation.

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I was going to say not to worry- my periods were erratic until I was older-24. But you should mention it when you go to the doctor about your lack of sleep! Try a piece of toast with a cup of chamomile tea at bedtime- not cocoa or regular tea.

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@JLeslie…yeah thats what I thought..I was surprised to find out i wasn’t. I guess the female body is a weird thing sometimes.

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I wouldn’t be worried because so many things can off set your cycle. Since I can remember, if I’ve got a vacation, birthday, hot date, marriage, honeymoon, Valentine’s Day, road trip, blah blah then my period will start no matter how recent the last one. Periods suck, get used to it for awhile.

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This is normal, a week early is nothing to worry about. I agree with @JLeslie.

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ive had my period a week early on many occasions. and a week late. before i started birth control i was always irregular, i dont think its too much to worry about.

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